Welcome to Unity of Sedona!

Unity of Sedona is a New Age spiritual center, New Thought church, and energy vortex featuring sacred services, workshops, a labyrinth, psychics, concerts, spiritual gatherings, and a metaphysical bookstore and gift shop. Located amidst the panoramic views of our majestic, world-famous Red Rocks, Sedona is not only one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but is also unofficially known as the New Age capital of the world. In this Mecca of spiritual awareness and personal evolution, Unity of Sedona sits nestled on well-tended grounds, welcoming all who find their way to our door. We invite you to attend Sunday Services.

Our Spiritual Leader

Michael Mirdad, the spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona, is a gifted spiritual teacher and is respected as one of the finest and most diverse healers of our time. Read more

Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

MM greenAs a spiritual teacher, I have learned that some people take my messages lightly and others really take them to heart–sometimes too seriously. This is why I choose to often say things in a funny way. It’s to get people to lighten up. I like to share deep concepts and then lighten things up so the message enters the soul of the listener instead of merely entering their head–which is likely if they take me too seriously. So I add a little levity to break the trance that some people get into with the messenger. This way they get the message but remain a little detached from the messenger. It also helps to add a little humor about myself or my own life.

If you read this carefully or listen to my teachings carefully, you will see a theme: I know the truth about things but I also respect the illusion. For example, I know the body is an illusion and yet I truly believe and advise that people eat well, exercise, and get body-work done on a regular basis.Read more

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