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Unity of Sedona has several in-person, ongoing groups and courses available as well as online courses.
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Unity of Sedona is pleased to provide many ways for people to be a part of the continual development of our Spiritual Center. Our Center, and all of our projects, are built and maintained with a spirit of collaboration. By working together in love and light we rise.
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Welcome to Unity of Sedona!

Unity of Sedona is the Global Ministry of Michael Mirdad. Michael is a world-renowned spiritual teacher on Christ Consciousness and author. Unity of Sedona is also a Global New Age Spiritual Center, New Thought Church, and Energy Vortex featuring Sacred Sunday Services, workshops, psychics, concerts, spiritual gatherings, and a metaphysical bookstore and gift shop. Located amidst the panoramic views of our majestic, world-famous Red Rocks, Sedona is not only one of the most beautiful places on the planet but is also unofficially known as the New Age capital of the world. In this Mecca of spiritual awareness and personal evolution, Unity of Sedona sits nestled on well-tended grounds, welcoming all who find their way to our door.

We invite you to attend Sunday Services in person or Watch LIVE online; we also have a catalog of over 400 free On-Demand Videos. Check out upcoming special events.

Unity of Sedona Live Stream

Join us HERE every Sunday at 10am (Arizona Time) to watch the Live Stream of our Sacred Sunday Service.

When the Service is live, the Live Stream will appear here.

Watch the Live Stream of our last Sacred Sunday Service here.


Our Spiritual Leader

Michael Mirdad is a world-renowned spiritual teacher on Christ Consciousness and author. He has worked as a healer and counselor for over 35 years and is the author of the best-selling books The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path, You’re Not Going Crazy…You’re Just Waking Up!, Healing the Heart & Soul, Creating Fulfilling Relationships, and his latest book, The Heart of A Course in Miracles. READ MORE

Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

September 27, 2021

Greetings Everyone! I’ve said it a thousand times before and I’ll still say it again: When we follow the Guidance of God’s Light, our path is usually made clearer in every way–less drama and trauma and more love and abundance. This was proven yet again at our recent Psychic Equinox Festival. The event was organized by our official events coordinators, and assisted by several volunteers that helped to make the event possible. This event was…


First Time Here? FAQ’s

Is this your first visit to our website? Here you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about our spiritual community.

Sundays at Unity

Our Sunday Service begins at 10:00 am and lasts about 90 minutes.
Phone: (928) 282-7181

Prayer Request

Submit your Prayer request and Our Prayer Chaplains will pray for your requested peace.

Courses & Workshops

View all of our upcoming courses and workshops.

Blog Archives

Catch up on all of Michael Mirdad’s Monthly Messages here.


Read all of Michael Mirdad's Articles here.

Upcoming Events & Ongoing Groups

View all of our special upcoming events as well as ongoing groups.



"I love your Sunday service. Your talks always touch my heart so deeply. Words that I could never speak but think and feel. God Bless you deeply and great sermons that touch our hearts." – Marie

"Michael: I must comment on yesterday’s message.  As a matter of fact, I should include last Sunday also. You are ON FIRE!  Yesterday was especially pertinent as an avid believer in meditation, affirmations and visualizations. Your message was a great eye opener to many and a wonderful reminder to me that these distinctions are important. Although they all serve a purpose, the assumption that everyone is aware of the difference should not be taken for granted when I am recommending one of them as a guide for a client. Thank you again for being on target and a wonderful inspiration. Namaste!" – DL, AZ

"Michael: I attended the service at Unity Sedona this past Sunday, and just wanted to thank you for a heart-filled sacred time together. I, myself, am a spiritual leader, leading a community in MA. Your journey and teaching is compelling, love-filled, and relevant. Thank you for helping me renew and replenish my own wellsprings." – Manish, MA

"Before I came to Unity of Sedona, my body was so stiff I could barely move. I was in so much pain I couldn’t bend my fingers. (I have osteo-arthritis & rheumatism very bad.) During the Sunday service, I could feel my body and hands relax, and I am not in pain anymore! God Bless You in Light & Love." – KS, AZ

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Unity of Sedona is pleased to provide many ways for people to be a part of the continual development of our Spiritual Center.

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