Rev’s. Geoffrey and Anne Marie Davis were hired as new ministers. They had gone to ministerial school together and had served as ministers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Under their leadership the church grew and prospered. They started the “Unity and All That Jazz” program on Wednesday nights and A Course in Miracles class on Thursday evenings, which helped the Membership to continue to grow. They held several 4-T classes and Ann Marie had several book study classes. The attendance on Sunday’s grew to the level that the sanctuary was filled beyond capacity.

Geoffrey and Ann Marie realized that the church needed to expand into a much larger facility to serve the church family and the community at large. But some controversy ensued when, without Board approval, a down payment was made on approximately 4 acres on Thunder Mountain Road at the intersection of Dry Creek Road. The price of the land was $730,000. Architects were hired and a church-sponsored fundraising banquet was held, but the pledges and tithes fell short of expectations. Less than a year after spending $130,000, the payment on the land came due and it could not be met—thus the property and vision were lost. The Board decided to fire the ministers and did so without consulting the Members. The Davis’ departed when unwarranted gossip began to circulate. Geoffrey and Ann Marie were loved by so many of their congregants, the backlash of their departure ended with the resignation of the Board Members who asked them to leave.