May 2014

Sedona Spiritual Teacher Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad

The first third of the year is already over and in just three months I will have been in Sedona for a full 3 years – such a magical number. Being here, and serving as the Spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona, has been an incredible experience. As with many things in life (but especially when a person comes to Sedona), we can often “expect the unexpected.” I originally came here with the intention of assisting Unity for only 1-2 years with deep spiritual teachings and inspirational leadership. The fact that we’ve been so successful came as no surprise to me, as they are the natural fruits of “living the Christ life.” I was even impressed by the way we handled the occasional challenges that popped up along the way. Such challenges assisted us in integrating (and now celebrating) a greater quality and quantity of trust, friendship, and an authentic sense of spiritual community. This played a huge part in the inspiration for me to remain here for an extra couple of years.  Continue reading