Rev. Sheryl Sophia Dahman

Celebrations of the Heart
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Sedona Wedding Ministry

  • Customized interfaith weddings – all couples including GLBT
  • Wedding Officiant for over 25 years.  Member of “Show Stoppers”, Sedona’s preferred officiants.
  • Soul level healing; use the power of prayer and tracking to Heal. Recorded prayer provided with each session.
  • Art from the Soul – currently showing at the Sedona Art Market in Sedona. My art brings beauty to your home and elevates the soul!

Linda Mae Costello

Earthlove Fellowship
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Rites of Passage, Psychic Reader, Soul Counselor, Holistic Life Coach, more… Using a variety of modalities, Linda Mae works with you to reconnect with your passion, reunite with your life purpose, and re-awaken your soul so you can live your joy YOUR way. Linda Mae has been a student of metaphysics since 1968. She has a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis on Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Business Management. She has been counseling and coaching clients for over 25 years from all walks of life. She was granted clergy credentials from the Fellowship of Druidism in the Latter Age in 2007 and, in addition to spiritual counseling, has been performing public ritual and rites of passage since 1991.

Joy Nanda

Joy Nanda

Healing with Joy LLC
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Joy has had a lifelong fascination with the evolution and development of consciousness. She completed a doctoral degree in Human Biology and Evolution and was a tenured professor at a major university when she began to approach the subject from non-Western and complementary perspectives. For the last 20 years, she has been helping people improve their health, brain function and overall happiness with CranioSacral Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation. In addition to her private practice, she is an instructor at the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, AZ where she is known for her ability to present complex scientific research findings in a way that is both understandable and relevant to spiritual seekers, and for bringing spiritual principles to scientific discussions.

April 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenWhen I am on tour, teaching in any venue around the country (or world), I usually teach at whatever level the group is at–adding something more, however, in order to encourage them to stretch their minds a bit. But, being at Unity of Sedona for several years now is different. Here, the attendees seem ready for something profound every week and I am happy to oblige. And yet it can still push some people’s buttons to have someone standing up there on a consistent basis speaking on such deep and varied topics and doing so with such confidence. It’s especially intimidating to those with a competitive male ego–especially when I failed to condone some of the “free-for-all” behaviors practiced by many in Sedona.

Students on the spiritual path (including those in Sedona) are well represented in a story I created about two fresh-water springs. These springs are found by walking through a very hot and challenging desert. The first spring is called the “spring of comfort.”It has cool, clean, refreshing water and is only a two mile walk–which makes the visit to this spring all the more enticing, as it’s somewhat easy to reach and offers at least a reasonable amount of reward. The other spring is called the “spring of life.” This spring has all the beauty of the first spring, and even more, but it’s several more miles away. Nevertheless, this spring is well worth it, as it can awaken one’s soul–thus bringing us eternal life and a life of depth, abundance, and fulfilling relationships. Continue reading