Unity of Sedona moves to a new location! The process of moving was magical in so many ways—a great confirmation that we are following the Guidance of Spirit. We found a place, put in an offer, and closed the deal within a week. All the legalities (escrow) will conclude in a few weeks, which means we will spend much of August doing some basic inside painting and outside landscaping to create a beautiful place—comparable to our current location. The new building is roughly 50 years newer than the old one, which means a lot less issues with aging. And for those who might have doubts about our ability to make a new place as beautiful as the previous one, please keep in mind that WE are the ones who pulled it off in our current center/grounds, and we did so within a few months. As we mentioned at that previous meeting, the new center is one mile further down the highway, thus making it more centrally located in the heart of West Sedona but still just slightly set back away from the main highway—just as we are now.

In our new building, which has the same square footage of ALL of our current buildings combined, we can fit at least 50 more attendees OR we can allow for greater space between attendees. Our new stage has more room for guest musicians—when they are allowed to return to gatherings. The area we would use as a patio is all under shade trees so it should prove to be a lot cooler for everyone. And our bookstore too will be much larger. We have also put our current property on the market, and that too has gone very well.