Are You Ready For More Light?

Well dear friends, we are on our way. Although the world seems in turmoil, we (at Grail Productions and the Foundation for Christ Consciousness) tend to use such times to gather inspiration from Spirit, followed by manifesting more Light on earth for all.

So remember to use such times NOT to crawl into a ball of worry and confusion. Instead, go within, connect with God, and gain new inspiration for the next stage of your life. But also remember that  how well your new life goes is hugely dependent on how well you release wounds, unhealed relationships, and limiting beliefs from the past. And be sure to gather with others of like-mind in order to feel supported in your new inner and outer work.

Birthing Christ Consciousness in the World

Throughout my life, the main theme of my work has obviously been to birth a greater abundance of Christ Consciousness in the world. So I spent about 30 years (roughly from 1980–2010) sharing workshops and sessions locally and on tour–three weeks per month). Then, after committing to serving as the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Sedona (from 2011 till “who knows when”), it meant cutting my tours down to only one week per month–meaning that my visits to various cities were far less often. This decision to serve at Unity of Sedona, however, was one of my best decisions ever–even despite some tests and challenges. But it meant being very focused on creating and maintaining an incredible community of lightworkers wherein we could prove/confirm that it IS possible to have an organization, where Spirit and spiritual principles can lead the way. And now that this and many other changes have settled down a bit, I can commit to several new inspired projects–namely using all the means available to spread the word of Light to the world. So, with less touring and preparation at Unity of Sedona and personal distractions, I am able to cut-loose and focus on new things. The bottom line is that Michael Mirdad having spare time can be a dangerous thing to the realm of darkness. And since I feel my Light bursting at the seems, ya’ll better get ready for some cool things. 🙂

As many of you know, we are gathering sponsors to support the work of Spirit through the Foundation for Christ Consciousness. And since the time when we sent out that email (partly due to your donations), we’ve already accomplished several things, such as:

  • Completed filming our last dvd set for now. So we have approximately 20 dvd sets–each with FOUR different talks on one particular theme or another.
  • Completed taping of one of the largest spiritual tele-summits/webcasts ever produced. Most of you tuned in to the opening message–which featured myself explaining the changes going on related to a greater birthing of Christ Consciousness in the world.
  • Completed a fantastic tour in Dallas Texas, wherein the attendance at each event far surpassed the usual attendance at the venues–confirming how hungry people are for the Light.

Still To Come

  • Completing the edits on a few dvd workshops.
  • Doing a few more tele-summit/webcasts is in the works.
  • Creating “Police Support Day,” wherein we can show a different response towards police offers than we are commonly seeing in the world.
  • Doing a huge amount of work with our new web (social media) crew in order to expand the teachings.

All this said, thank you all so much for any and all love and support you’ve sent my way. It’s so important for us all to recognize goodness when we see it and then to commit to supporting such goodness in any way we can. I am dedicated to this work and will continue sharing such till my last breath. As Jesus himself once said, “For this I was born.”