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December 2018


Here we are . . . we made it through the losses (during Halloween) and gave thanks (during Thanksgiving) for lessons learned over the past year. So now (during Christmas) we step forward to receive our rewards and gifts from Spirit for all the work we’ve done to improve our lives. That way, we can (during New Year’s) be more certain of having a better life in the new year to come.

So let’s be sure to release as much of our old life as possible. Anything that has limited your life–especially your spiritual life–can now be released. In so doing, the new life that awaits, is allowed to come forward. Be prepared to experience the highest spiritual experiences possible during our Sacred Sunday Services (each week at 10:00am–AZ time–in person or on facebook live). But also do what you can to attend any number of our hand-selected events. We are proud to feature only the best teachers and events in the region–choosing only those that resonate with the Christ, I AM frequency. This is one reason there is such a high vibration felt at Unity of Sedona. It comes from remaining true to, and in alignment with, the highest spiritual intentions and integrities. But such a gift is available to us all–provided we remain in alignment with whatever we know to be an expression of God’s Love and Light.

At Unity of Sedona, we continue to expand the Light and Love of God in ways that are palpable. Our teams of Board Members, Chaplains, Employees, and Volunteers continually work to improve and beautify themselves and our spiritual center (inside and out). We’ve even decorated the main building in advance for the Holidays, as our way of sharing to the outside world the beauty we feel inside. So be sure to join us for the special Holiday services. And do your best to arrive early–as seats are quickly taken.

Love & Light,

Michael Mirdad

November 2018

Now it begins . . . my favorite season. It’s time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. But have you ever thought of those three Holy-Days (Holidays) as being a three-part goal in your life?
 Let’s try it right now. What are you most grateful for this year? Whatever it is, do your best to give thanks and demonstrate your appreciation. This will likely improve the gifts that come to you–symbolized as Christmas. This, then, opens the way for a new life–symbolized by New Years.
In other words, our three-part Holy-Days, are actually three parts of an ongoing practice we can all access and use to create a personal transformation at any time. All we have to do is practice recognizing and appreciating anything good in our lives. This then opens the way to receive new gifts–gifts that are meant to use or lose. Lastly, we reap the benefits of a new life–which can affect our health, finances, relationships, and more. So thank you, thank you for all you share with us here at Unity of Sedona.
Following such principles is how we (at Unity of Sedona) have manifested such an incredible spiritual center, and in such an incredible town. It’s also how we regularly manifest such a wonderful list of teachers and events, as well as manifesting Sedona’s only “John of God Healing Room”–with one of his blessed “Healing Beds.”
Please join us in any of ongoing events and/or our special workshops, or come to experience the powerful healing energies on our new crystal bed/table. You can also join us at our Sacred Sunday Service (at 10:00a.m.)–which is also presented on Facebook Live all around the world. And feel free to join us for our Thanksgiving Community Lunch.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

October 2018

Fall has finally arrived. It’s my favorite season–given the colors, the cooler temperatures, the promise of a light snow in the near future, and my favorite Holidays just around the corner. Fall also marks a time of change–endings that can lead to new beginnings.
Over the past several years, I’ve had several dreams and projects that materialized in the most wonderful ways–hugely in alignment with the teaching material we use in our January “Co-creating a New Life” online course. This course works beautifully to manifest changes and abundance in our lives.
However, out of every ten things that manifest, there usually is one that doesn’t. So what do we do with these things? That’s what the Fall Season is for. It’s a reminder to release all things that have not proven fruitful (or are no longer bearing fruit) over the past year (or years). But some things are simply meant to be cut back, while others need to be pulled out and eliminated all-together. The trick is knowing which is which.
For me, the first and best technique is to remain prayerful, asking for Divine Guidance for the highest good. Second, I ask myself if I have done all I can to help manifest or co-create whatever project is in question. Third, if I’ve done the previous two steps, then I generally take this as a sign that it’s possibly time to release and let go of that dream or project.
But this particular Fall is unique in that I decided to do a self-inventory and make a list of any dreams and projects that have been waiting a long time for their moment of manifestation–but that had not yet materialized. My list unexpectedly ended up with over a dozen items. One item on the list was my hope that more conferences would manifest in the world (as most have gone out of business). Another was to manifest a few more spiritual centers (churches) to visit that had high integrity, advanced attendees, and a large enough attendance . . . but unfortunately, there were none to be found. I also had a few relationships that I was open to see bounce back or others to get started. But again, these needed to be released now, due either to a lack of ease or a lack of cooperation. So these, along with several other items have now been released. I saved a few others to bid farewell to in a ritual at the end of the year–as they deserved/warranted several more weeks to come to life or be released for good.
One of the biggest, life-long dreams that I am releasing, however, is that of having a large enough sanctuary to do only one, large, service–as I love the idea and vibe of everyone from two or more services gathered together as one. However, with the various issues in Sedona, such as limited/expensive real-estate, stringent building laws, and a lack of large properties being available, we might have to remain where we are–which is okay because we all love our buildings and grounds.
Nevertheless, from now on, we have ONE, Sacred Sunday Service–at 10:00am. The main challenge is obviously fitting everyone into one service. But after adding a lot more chairs, and allowing the overflow of late-arriving attendees to sit in the gazebo or in the cafe (listening on speakers), it has already proven to work very well. So please do what you can to support us in this major manifestation of our dream with your prayers, attendance, and by doing what you can to be consistent with your generous donations. Again, we would have preferred getting a larger facility but we simply couldn’t find such a property. And by the way, we chose the 10:00am time (instead of 11:00am) after a vote of 80% for the earlier time. And one crucial point that was made was that everyone strongly preferred avoiding the tourist traffic into Sedona that starts around 11:00am.
Lastly, when we speak of letting things go, keep in mind, it doesn’t always mean letting them go forever. It means, letting them go–unconditionally–which might mean temporarily OR forever. These dreams/projects might then disappear in their current form but they will also likely recycle into a different form–a form that is better than our original vision. Our job is to remain open to whatever is best.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

September 2018

Greetings Everyone!
This month marks the end of my eighth year at Unity of Sedona, thus beginning my ninth year here as Spiritual Leader. I’m so grateful that so many of you have been with us for so long and helped me to prove to the world that a spiritual center can be created and run with God as our Guide, and mutual love, trust, and collaboration as our principles.
In nearly 40 years of working at several dozen churches, yoga centers, and spiritual centers, I have never seen anything close to what we have created at Unity of Sedona–thanks mainly to all of you.
During this month of September, it’s a good time to remain in alignment with nature by recognizing the final gifts of Summer–symbolic of reaping the gifts and benefits of the fruits we had previously planted. Soon after, we will enter a time of bidding farewell to the gifts of our work that have simply not yet materialized and must be released to be recycled. But in the meantime, let’s celebrate to all the goodness we’ve created in our personal lives this year AND for all the good we all co-created over the past eight years–creating a center that is having a profound effect on the world.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

August 2018

Greetings Everyone!
It’s already been quite a Summer for us all. The heat was overwhelming at times, and one of our dearest friends and supporters passed away. Adding to all of this, nearly every planet in our solar system has been retrograde for quite some time, which has proven very challenging for most people on the planet.
Nevertheless, this has been our most powerful Summer yet. We just completed our most successful online course ever–“Revelation of our Divine Self”–which was also presented live at Unity for local attendees. We are seeing quite a bountiful harvest of organic vegetables from our Unity garden, which are used for our after service lunches. Also this Summer, we had our most successful concerts AND our most successful Summer Solstice Festival ever. And we accomplished all of this despite the usual drop in attendance for the Summer. And now, we prepare for the next month of Summer wherein we are sponsoring a few key events–so be sure to sign up soon.
All this said, I highly recommend that you all continue making your spiritual path the most important thing in your life. The testimonials we consistently receive at our Unity of Sedona office speak of personal healing and transformation–all because more and more of our attendees are learning to put God first in their lives, followed by placing a greater emphasis on our healthiness in mind, body, and in our relationships. Personal growth always pays off–even if the evidence has to await its proper season.
So be sure to make the rest of the year count–as much as possible. Take time to pray and meditate but do so with a spirit of developing a closer and closer relationship with God and with Christ. Also, do what you can to live in abundance in health, finance, and friendships. And of course do us all a favor and join us for as many Sacred Sundayservices AND any of our many special events at Unity of Sedona as possible.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

July 2018

Greetings Everyone!
Summer is in full blaze and “fire” is the keyword–primarily for the months of June-August. What this means is that agitation, reactions, flare-ups, and so forth will be at a high. So be careful to stay cool in every way possible.
Here in Sedona, there was a big house fire next to my friend’s house. There have also been lots of emotional flare-ups for people I know. One person even had an aerosol can explode in their car due to the heat of the Summer in Arizona–which blew a large hole right through their front windshield. On a National level, we’ve been hearing about political tensions and tensions between Nations–even on a military level. There are even volcanic eruptions going on in Hawaii, resulting in hot lava spreading over miles of land and sea. Also, some of you have written in for advice regarding flare-ups in your families.
So what should we do during times like these? Well, we should try to stay in our cool houses and drink plenty of water . . . right? Wrong! That answer only helps us deal with the external heat. But we still have to deal with the internal heat–heat that causes us agitation, anger, competition, and hate–all resulting in our need to “vent” that heat–which we usually do towards others.
The healthiest route would of course be to find a balanced way to deal with it all. So, we should enjoy the coolness of air conditioning, or perhaps a pool or stream if needed. We can add cool, refreshing drinks, and possibly enjoy some ice cream. But we also need to take time to look at the things within us that cause us to become overheated. These things would of course be unhealed wounds, a need to control, and various internal frustrations–all of which are best dealt with by keeping a cool head, doing some light exercise, and talking about whatever issues are keeping the internal fires blazing. And it helps if we practice taking responsibility if/when we ever allow our internal issues to spill over and burn the people around us. If we apologize and make amends whenever possible, it will help restore peace and a good balance of coolness and warmth–instead of living in the duality of being too hot or too cold. This is one of the primary ways that masters maintain their ability to handle the sometimes uncomfortable external temperatures that most people can’t seem to deal with.
I pray this monthly E-blast is helpful and that these announcements are helping to keep you informed.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

June 2018

Greetings Everyone!
We are officially entering Summer, which means it’s time to maximize the spiritual and material harvests in our lives. So now is the time to “get out of the house” (and yet go within) and go for a light walk/hike, soak in the sun, harvest and eat nutritious foods, attend the Solstice Festival, and do what we can to reap the rewards for all the things we’ve set into motion over the past six months or so.
One of the things we were planning to do at Unity of Sedona before Summer completely arrived was to hold one of our member gatherings–wherein we share updates on what’s going on at our beautiful spiritual center. But since we didn’t pull this event together in time, we are sharing a few updates here AND will soon have a Summer picnic gathering (we’ll let you all know when a date is selected).
First of all, things are still going very well. On Sundays we hold incredible Sacred Services that are now watched all around the world–followed by snacks and personal sharing time at our cafe. Our classes, concerts, chaplain program, and recovery groups are doing better than ever. Even our grounds/landscape have never been more beautiful. And we changed our tag line to read, “Sedona’s Center for Masters & Students On the Spiritual Path.”
Lastly, (as mentioned before) we are now opening our hearts and souls to create a new location–wherein we could fit a larger number of people–particularly since we outgrew our current buildings years ago. This will likely be a $2,000,000 endeavor so please do what you can to support us with donations and prayers.
I pray this monthly E-blast is helpful and that these announcements are helping to keep you informed.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

May 2018

Greetings Everyone!
I pray this message finds you well. 
Last month was such an exciting month–with our largest Beltane event ever–and numerous other things going so well. But last month was also a very deep month–in the sense that a few of our Sunday services featured a theme related to the current Saturn retrograde energy that is stirring things up on the planet.
The current few months are certain to continue bringing up deep, old issues, lessons, and patterns for us to clear as humanity moves closer and closer to its inevitable ascension into higher dimensions.
Also, a couple of our Sunday services featured the theme of how some of us are “Lightworkers” on this planet and are part of God’s Plan to awaken the Inner Christ within all of us. So our Sunday talks were sometimes about what we can do to further our commitment to playing a part in the awakening of humanity.
So our next steps are as follows: 1) Decide if we (ourselves) are going to step up and fulfill our role in the ascension process. 2) Use this time (especially the next few months) to do as much deep healing as possible–in order to become a clearer channel of healing and miracles for ourselves and others. 3) Prepare to take our lives to “the next level”–a level with greater love, peace, prosperity, and happiness.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

April 2018

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

Greetings Everyone!

As we begin the second quarter of the year, it’s time to let you know about one of our biggest plans for the next year or so: we are putting it out there to find a new property for Unity of Sedona. It’s been obvious nearly since my arrival that we need more room for attendees on Sunday. We really have maxed-out our space in the sanctuary as well as our number of parking spaces. Also, our current buildings are old enough that they need consistent work, which can be quite costly. So please help us manifest a new property through your prayers, donations, visualizations, and overall support.
In the meantime, we would appreciate it if you would all continue to attend our Sacred Services and other events as often as possible–especially if you live locally. In fact, many of you have already been kind enough to let us know that you occasionally watch our services from home–which is fine when you sometimes need to stay home to take care of yourself in various ways.
One thing is certain however; locally we are anchoring the Light of God and Christ Consciousness more than ever before. But now we are seeing evidence of doing the same thing globally through our online live services. And if you read the posts from our viewers from around the world, it is clear that many lives are being changed through our work at Unity of Sedona. And what I explained recently to our attendees (from near and far), the folks who attend in person are grounding the energy, intention, and Consciousness brought through in our services and those who view us online are the recipients of this joined effort, and then pass it along in their own way. So attending in person or online each have their own unique qualities and benefits, but if you live locally, it really adds a lot to Divine Transmission when you attend in person.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

March 2018


It’s time once again for one of our monthly updates–which also features a list/ad of all of our events for the month–as well as our ongoing events.

The main thing we want to share with you this month is a simple review of how proud and excited we are for having so many blessings bestowed upon us. After hearing the feedback [posted below] from everyone at our annual meeting, we were reminded once again about the beauty, power, depth, and love that is felt in all that we do. I know it scares and triggers some people, but if they approach those reactions with love and responsibility, it is surely to take them to a new level of consciousness. If not, they will be given another opportunity at another place and time.

But for those of us who choose to grow in consciousness and responsible self-awareness . . . great things will continue to come our way. This year at Unity, we have already scheduled several amazing new events and projects and are activating a couple of new community teams. One of these teams, for example,  is our “Compassionate Care Team,” which consists of some of our Chaplains who are dedicated to tending to the needs of our members when they are ill or in crisis.

To learn more about some of our upcoming events and/or our projects and teams, feel free to ask our office staff OR our Board Members.

Love & Light,

Michael Mirdad 


~Jennifer: I love all of the learning and laughter.
~Lori: Unity is my family. I feel accepted for who I REALLY am–the Christ Light.
~Mary Lou: The healthy hugs and permission for affection.
~Gail: Camaraderie and the great vibe.
~Joy: I love the focus on God and Christ Consciousness every day.
~Jeff: The Community, and the teachings on Sundays as well as at workshops.
~Mary: Genuineness. You can feel it when you walk in. The teachings AND the applications of those teachings.
~Jonathan: I love the emphasis on God first, Self second, Others third.
~JaShua: Friendliness…and that we are taught to succeed and be better people.
~Serena: I love the music and dance and celebration.
~Judy: We all love our guest musicians.
~Glenn: Our Chaplain program is incredible. I love being a part of it.
~Linden: We are blessed and fortunate to have a teacher like Michael Mirdad. I also really enjoy our café on Sundays–which is where I met all my friends in Sedona.
~Donna: When you walk in, there’s a pulse, a heartbeat.
~Carla: The love here is palpable; in fact, a light-being came to me a week before I started attending.
Sandra: I always feel validated, not criticized. “It’s like you read my mail.”
~Gail: Michael and the Board Members have so much integrity
~Linda Mae: I love the depth. You just don’t find that everywhere else.
~Michael Mirdad: As much as I’ve been a gift to you, you all have been a gift to me. It’s quite a blessing and the perfect marriage. We, together, are making a difference and are being such a major influence of Christ Consciousness here in Sedona.