May 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenAs a spiritual teacher, I have learned that some people take my messages lightly and others really take them to heart–sometimes too seriously. This is why I choose to often say things in a funny way. It’s to get people to lighten up. I like to share deep concepts and then lighten things up so the message enters the soul of the listener instead of merely entering their head–which is likely if they take me too seriously. So I add a little levity to break the trance that some people get into with the messenger. This way they get the message but remain a little detached from the messenger. It also helps to add a little humor about myself or my own life.

If you read this carefully or listen to my teachings carefully, you will see a theme: I know the truth about things but I also respect the illusion. For example, I know the body is an illusion and yet I truly believe and advise that people eat well, exercise, and get body-work done on a regular basis.

Also, in my teaching, there is a theme of balance. For example, when I see people ignoring the importance of making God a priority in their life, I will get serious and “tell it like it is.” But then if I see people getting too serious about the spiritual path, I will make fun of it. It’s my way of teaching that as soon as we make something into a “sacred cow,” it’s no longer real and authentic. It’s now a false idol and must fall. On the other hand, if we take things too lightly and fail to keep our priorities straight, then we might very well be allowing mundane distractions to get the best of us, which is worth laughing at so we can see it for what it is and get back on track–but without shaming ourselves.

So, although it could look like I am contradicting myself, I am actually using purposeful paradoxes in order to teach a balance. Here are some examples: Continue reading

April 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenWhen I am on tour, teaching in any venue around the country (or world), I usually teach at whatever level the group is at–adding something more, however, in order to encourage them to stretch their minds a bit. But, being at Unity of Sedona for several years now is different. Here, the attendees seem ready for something profound every week and I am happy to oblige. And yet it can still push some people’s buttons to have someone standing up there on a consistent basis speaking on such deep and varied topics and doing so with such confidence. It’s especially intimidating to those with a competitive male ego–especially when I failed to condone some of the “free-for-all” behaviors practiced by many in Sedona.

Students on the spiritual path (including those in Sedona) are well represented in a story I created about two fresh-water springs. These springs are found by walking through a very hot and challenging desert. The first spring is called the “spring of comfort.”It has cool, clean, refreshing water and is only a two mile walk–which makes the visit to this spring all the more enticing, as it’s somewhat easy to reach and offers at least a reasonable amount of reward. The other spring is called the “spring of life.” This spring has all the beauty of the first spring, and even more, but it’s several more miles away. Nevertheless, this spring is well worth it, as it can awaken one’s soul–thus bringing us eternal life and a life of depth, abundance, and fulfilling relationships. Continue reading

March 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenLast month the Members of Unity of Sedona gathered for their “Annual Member Meeting.” The attendees were asked to share feedback about their experiences at Unity, as well as if they had any suggestions or requests.

Their feedback was as follows:

*The Buddhist Monks, when they visited last spring, said that Unity of Sedona’s property is the strongest vortex in Sedona.

*Destinee said that she finds that she is more grounded and centered since attending Unity of Sedona.

*Suzanne feels that she has come home and we are her spiritual family.

*Linda Mae noted that there is so much love here that it is rewarding and fulfilling and many people have told her the same thing. Michael added that this feeling is contributed by all of us.

*Marc and his wife, Rondi, have always gone to other Unity churches and are impressed with what we have created here. The other spiritual centers didn’t impress them. They are going to be here a long time.

*Sheila said Michael’s teachings have turned a lot of us around. There is no coincidence that Michael is here. Literally the teachings have saved her life.

*Nancy said that the wisdom she receives in every service changes her life.

*Serena learns something new each time she listens to the cds of the service. She has tried other churches and Unity of Sedona was the best to her.

*Harmony said she has experienced deep transformations here. She believes that it’s due to living the teachings each and every day.

*Sandra came here before Michael was here and never felt spiritually fed prior to his arrival. After hearing Michael speak, she feels that every talk is geared to her.

*Sheila mentioned that the hands-on healing classes have been incredible for her, and she feels that people would love to have more of that sort of class.

*Kimberly is grateful for the Children’s Program. That’s the only time she can get some time away from parenting and commune with the adults. She loves the new director, Laura Langstrand, and her assistant Graham Horner is great as well.

*Serena Ashley thanked Michael for being a good example for the rest of us!

*Marjie thanked Michael for being here, at Unity of Sedona, and the room applauded in agreement.

To view a fuller report from this Annual Meeting, please click here.

February 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenIn one of our most recent Sunday services, our message focused (in part) on the need for people to deepen their understanding of EVERYTHING. It’s true! We have to evolve beyond being so shallow and weak. We are divine beings and have forgotten our Divine Origins in God, which led to our having a tendency towards low self worth and a lack of courage in our ability to pass our various tests in life. And you can bet that without learning to see the greater depths of all things, there will be little chance of returning to our True Nature.

For example, when things happen in our lives, a typical human being sees it only at face value and fails to realize that we should actually do the following: 1) See the event as somehow reflecting a greater lesson or message to us. 2) Look for the deeper message or synchronicity behind the event.  Continue reading

January 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenThe Spiritual Center we call Unity of Sedona is NOT a building and grounds but, rather, is an entity.

It certainly spent most of its 45 year existence being merely a structure (a church and property), but in the past 5 years, all of us have birthed this center to a new level by giving it to God, as a gift. God then returned it to us, not as a building, but as a Being–a Being of Light. She is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, Shekina Presence of God. This Being holds in place, a Divine Vessel in which we teach, pray, sing, heal, and gather in oneness and love. And, like most entities, this entity has gone through initiations as a means of awakening its own sense of Christ Consciousness.

And, just as each of us must do as individuals, we consistently purge away layers of ego from our midst, in order to make more room for the Spirit of God–which is an ongoing process in life. This usually feels like work but the payoff is invaluable.

This payoff was seen, felt, and experienced at our New Year’s Eve service–wherein we packed extra chairs into the room but still ended up with a full house. As one attendee put it:

“As much as we are used to the energy at Unity of Sedona being as high as one could imagine, on New Year’s Eve, the love and light really shook everyone up–in a good way. We could all feel something wonderful in the air.”  Continue reading

December 2015

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM green[Note: This month’s message is similar to the one I shared in my own “Grail Productions” e-newsletter.]

Recently, an event at Unity of Sedona called “God Talks” was premiered to the world. This event is like the popular internet show “Ted Talks,” which features very brief talks by various people about pivotal moments in their life. The difference here is that “God Talks” focuses on sharing raw, personal experiences that turned into a “God Experience.”

As the keynote speaker in this event, I was asked to reference something from each of the speakers for the evening premier but then add an experience of my own. So, during my talk, I pointed out how each individual talk clearly had one common theme, which is that even though we might consciously or unconsciously set our course for God, or for a new life, we almost always end up having to first go through the process of purging out all the people, things, issues, etc. that stand between us and our goal. This purging process is referred to by mystics as the “dark night of the soul” (sometimes related to an astrological “Saturn Return”). I refer to this period as the “Soul’s Transformation Process.” Continue reading

November 2015

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenAs the year begins to wind down, now is a good time to integrate what we gained from all of this year’s experiences–positive or negative. So it’s imperative that we “give thanks” for our positive experiences and then “give thanks” (as well) for the lessons we learned (thus far) from the negative experiences.

Giving thanks brings closure to the past (and its lessons) while anchoring and integrating that for which we are giving thanks. There is one precaution, however, that should be mentioned. Be careful not to give thanks with an attitude of self pity. It is not in our best interest to say I am grateful for even the little I have with an attitude of “woe is me” or even false humility. Instead, the thanks and Gratitude that I am referring to here is one that feels sincere, empowering, and brings a smile to our face.

It’s impossible to experience a True Spiritual Awakening without understanding and applying Gratitude. And when we take a moment to review all that we’ve accomplished at Unity of Sedona, it doesn’t take much to convince us that we have a lot to be grateful for. Continue reading

October 2015

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenWhat an incredible month we’ve just had and now, with only the first weekend of October having past, we’ve already done so much.

First of all, we had another incredible Sunday of services. Second, we supported the launch of the new and successful “God-Talks” program that will likely take the world by storm.

We also had a very special meeting of our members today wherein we discussed several ideas and developments, including the following:

*We asked that our members do their best to be involved at Unity and one way to do so is to volunteer occasionally at some of our events.

*Michael discussed why we allow and include ceremonies such as Native American or Druid or whatever else. We only allow such because we enjoy many playful, creative, and sincere facets of spirituality. We also only allow such when the facilitator is certain to make God, and our connection to God, the top priority of their ritual/ceremony. It was explained that we use this criteria for all events held at Unity and that we have released events and study groups that did not maintain this intention. Continue reading

September 2015

Michael MirdadSummer is ending but the sun is still shining as brightly as ever at Unity of Sedona.

As we shift into a new season and are seeing the return of many residents (and attendees) from their Summer vacations, we already have quite a bit in store for everyone.

We have raised the bar, yet again, on the level of teaching and events at our lovely center. We have an incredible list of workshops, concerts, facilitators, and special events–many of which are FREE to all. Our long-awaited Advanced Spirituality class is finally starting again. We also have some very special surprises for this year’s “Sedona Winter Solstice Festival.” This event is on Saturday, December 19th–so mark your calendars.

In the meantime, as part of our commitment to manifesting the Love and Light of God to our attendees and community, we are providing our monthly Psychic Sunday events and our annual Member Appreciation Day. Continue reading

August 2015

Michael MirdadIn the State of Arizona, the Summer months are often slow, as people tend to feel overwhelmed by the high temperatures. This lowers our Sunday attendance a little and quiets things down all around the region. But that’s not how we roll at Unity of Sedona. We believe and teach that we have the power to change our life experience by connecting with God, getting inspirations, and then moving forward. And in alignment with these ideals and principles, we completed over a dozen major projects–including renovations to our yard, our cafe, and several parts of our sanctuary and bookstore.

So how is it that we can accomplish so much during the season where most people in the Southwest accomplish so little Continue reading