May 2018

Greetings Everyone!   I pray this message finds you well.    Last month was such an exciting month--with our largest Beltane event ever--and numerous other things going so well. But last month was also a very deep month--in the sense that a few of our Sunday services featured a theme related to the current Saturn retrograde energy that is stirring things up on the planet.   The current few months are certain to continue bringing up deep, old issues, lessons, and patterns for us to clear as humanity moves closer and closer to its inevitable ascension into higher dimensions.   Also, a couple of our Sunday services featured the theme of how some of us are "Lightworkers" on this planet and are part of God's Plan to awaken the Inner Christ within all of us. So our Sunday talks were sometimes about what we can do to further our commitment ...
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April 2018

Greetings Everyone!   As we begin the second quarter of the year, it's time to let you know about one of our biggest plans for the next year or so: we are putting it out there to find a new property for Unity of Sedona. It's been obvious nearly since my arrival that we need more room for attendees on Sunday. We really have maxed-out our space in the sanctuary as well as our number of parking spaces. Also, our current buildings are old enough that they need consistent work, which can be quite costly. So please help us manifest a new property through your prayers, donations, visualizations, and overall support.   In the meantime, we would appreciate it if you would all continue to attend our Sacred Services and other events as often as possible--especially if you live locally. In fact, many ...
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March 2018

Greetings! It's time once again for one of our monthly updates--which also features a list/ad of all of our events for the month--as well as our ongoing events. The main thing we want to share with you this month is a simple review of how proud and excited we are for having so many blessings bestowed upon us. After hearing the feedback [posted below] from everyone at our annual meeting, we were reminded once again about the beauty, power, depth, and love that is felt in all that we do. I know it scares and triggers some people, but if they approach those reactions with love and responsibility, it is surely to take them to a new level of consciousness. If not, they will be given another opportunity at another place and time. But for those of us who choose to grow ...
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February 2018

Greetings!   As we move into February, we are also sitting in the center of the sign of Aquarius. And for those of us who followed the "12 Holy Days & Nights of Christmas" process, this month symbolizes the sign of Libra. 

What all of this means is that we can expect this month to be a time of learning to get off the fence and commit to making decisions--especially decisions that will bring the most good to humanity (or people around us). But this period of time also calls us to make our decisions with God as our Guide.

Adding to all of this, we also enter February with the effects of a rare "Super Blue Blood Moon" glowing above our heads. It's called a "super moon" because of its unique level of glow; a blue moon because it's ...
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January 2018

Happy New Year to You All!   Wow! There are so many things to share with you. Where do I begin?     Let's start by reminding everyone that the more we are "conscious" and put our consciousintention into something, the more empowered that particular thing becomes. The problem is, this law is as true for ego-based intentions as it is for God-centered intentions. So, many people seem proud when they can manifest something in their lives, not realizing that it's still possibly an ego-based creation. The solution, of course, is to Create with God instead of with our ego. This is the topic of our annual FREE lecture on "Co-creating a New Life," which you can read about in the ad below.   However, one of the main points I am leading to is how we, at Unity of Sedona, have co-created (with ...
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December 2017

Happy Holidays to you all!    This is my favorite time of the year and includes my favorite Holiday--Christmas. And it's no wonder . . . Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus and the potential birth of the Christ within us all. And since Christ Consciousness is the highest level of Consciousness we can attain, Christmas should indeed be celebrated.     Also, the symbols of Christmas include the image of presents beneath the Christmas tree and these gifts mean far more than coats and toys. They represent the Divine Presence of God as the foundation of our lives.   This past year at Unity of Sedona has been our best ever. The teachings rose to a new level; our groups, classes, and committees were better than ever; and this was our most prosperous year yet. All thanks to you. You have given us ...
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November 2017

Happy November to all of you! And please accept the gratitude of all of us at Unity of Sedona for your continued love and support through the past 7 years.   Every year we seem to rise to another level of love, peace, joy, and sometimes seems impossible it can get any better. But it does...and always will--with Spirit as our Guide.   And thanks to all of you, we are not only consistently raising the level of our teachings, and the consciousness of our attendees, but we are also consistently keeping up with our bills every month. That's true balance and abundance. So thank you for that as well...and many thanks to all of our Sponsors.   It's a funny thing, really, that most spiritual centers (and many individuals as well) have such trouble making ends meet. But this struggle ...
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October 2017

Dear Friends:   Isn't it amazing that we are already entering the final quarter of the year and are moving towards the Fall/Winter Holidays--my favorite time of the year.   October promises to be another great month at Unity of Sedona--with workshops, psychic fairs, and workshop presentations by local and non-local facilitators who are among the best in the field. We also have a very special event coming up this month in Sedona: The Health, Healing, and Happiness Conference. Although this event is world-renowned and usually has 2000 attendees, this is the first year it has been held in Sedona. So don't miss it! Admission to the numerous vendors is FREE. And even the fee to see all of the speaker presentations is very inexpensive and discounts are being offered to Unity attendees. So join don Jose Ruiz and myself--along with numerous other speakers and ...
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September 2017

My you can probably tell by the list of incredible events/workshops shown on our calendar, September promises to be a very busy month.     But before we launch into a new month, all of us at Unity of Sedona want to thank all of you for making August such a tremendous month. The sacred Sunday services were great as always but the gathering for our special eclipse celebration was particularly powerful. The people, the message, the process, the drumming, and of course the visual of the eclipse were all quite astounding.     On another note, as we enter the final third of 2017, we organically begin to shift our energy from Summer to Fall, and in so doing, it's wise for us to draw the final fruits of this year close to our heart and put them to the greatest use possible...for soon enough, nature itself will ...
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August 2017

It's always great to have these once-per-month newsletters, as they allow me to catch all of you up on things at Unity of Sedona, as well as sharing any updates on events or changes in our direction.  Something I recently shared in a Sunday service was that over the past few years, I have had people approach me or email to tell me that they haven't been to Unity of Sedona for a while due to the difficulty they have absorbing the depth of the teachings. They've said things like, "When I attend a Sunday service, it usually feels like the equivalent of doing several therapy sessions, reading a couple of deep books, and experiencing a few of the most remarkable meditations all rolled into one." Then they ask me if it's possible to lighten it up and water it down a bit. So ...
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July 2017

Dear Friends:                In case you haven't noticed, Summer has officially arrived. Whew! The temperatures are clearly higher than most Sedona residents have ever seen--over 110 degrees. So what are you all doing to cope with it?    Life will always throw us some curves to help stretch our boundaries and test our level of consciousness. And one of the best ways to deal with such changes is to flow with them rather than resist them. It's like learning to turn lemons into lemonade. So when it seems a bit too hot, let's "just do heat." This means to "accept what is" and plan accordingly. It also means to learn to read each moment of the day and do our best to slot into the right groove, rather than fighting against it--especially since things generally work out--in time.  We just had ...
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June 2017

I pray you are all well. I thank you for being such great supporters of us here, at Unity of Sedona.
        We are already nearly half way through the year and we will soon mark the mid-point with our Sedona Summer Solstice Festival. So be sure to attend.
      And, for those of you who don't know, with Sedona being one of the most energetically intense places on this planet, and with some very intense planetary configurations above, there are a whole lot of people going through some pretty intense experiences right now--starting a few weeks ago and continuing for a little while longer.
      So what should we do during such times? The answer is the same now as it was during last year's election and any other time ...
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