October 2019

Dear Friends: Fall has officially arrived! The weather in Sedona is cooling down, but the fire in our hearts and minds is warming up as we prepare for the busiest Fall season we've ever experienced.  To begin with, we have our usual full schedule of classes and recovery and self-help groups. But we've added to our list of projects, the sponsorship of the largest spiritual conference ever held--"The Global Spiritual Awakening Conference." This is completely an online event--which means it doesn't involve travel costs nor hassles. This is a perfect idea, considering the fact that people are growing weary of such expenses for travel, as well as growing weary of conferences that lack depth. So we decided to contribute our time and inspiration only towards events and projects like this that are of the highest caliber. So be sure to register now ...
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September 2019

Dear Friends: One thing I have always loved since coming to Unity of Sedona is opening up communication at our center (and in our town) by creating a network. When we find each other and exchange the gifts of our soul, it makes the way for miracles. 

We accomplished this network by having one bulletin board that is open to the public, and another that is strictly for Unity attendees. We also encourage people to meet for lunch in our cafe and share ideas and needs. Also, we created an official Resource Directory that is updated every month. And since we would quickly fill 100 pages if we allowed everyone in town to list their gift/service, we opted to make this directory exclusively for our members and sponsors. Again, we have several levels wherein people can network: one that is open to everyone, one that ...
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July 2019

Dear Friends: As most of you probably know, Unity of Sedona attracts nearly 150 attendees each Sunday, plus several thousand watching our services online. Several dozen of those who attend in person are visiting Sedona and choose our Sacred Service as a primary place of spiritual growth. And the feedback they share with us is always quite awe-inspiring.

One of those individuals from this week shared that she had regularly attended Unity of Sedona over 20 years ago and that she could not believe the difference between then and now--in terms of beauty and numbers. We all know our grounds and landscape are completely transformed. But this person couldn't believe that what she remembers being "only 40 attendees is now 150--completely filling the room" (even during the quiet summer season). What a wonderful testimonial and reflection she was sharing. This ...
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June 2019

Greetings & Happy June To You All! I pray you are all feeling the richness of Spring still in the air. It doesn’t matter if you live in an area where there is still snow on the ground OR an area that’s already feeling like it’s being blasted with Summer heat. It’s still Springtime, which is a time of renewal in every way. So allow yourself to live, laugh, dance, sing, and play—just like all of nature is doing. The word June has various origins but Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage and fertility. The Romans saw Juno as the wife to Jupitar, which the earlier Greeks related as Hera and Zeus. And June, which is connected to Yune or Yuno is where we get the word youth. To the Jews, June commemorates the time when they received the ...
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May 2019

Greetings & Happy May To You All! As we enter the second trimester of the year, the high vibes at Unity of Sedona are still palpable--each Sunday morning--as well as in our many classes, groups, and workshops.  Personally, I've been a person who could see and feel energy, which usually adds to my consistent feelings of gratitude for so many things--things that many people seem to take for granted. But let's always remember to be grateful for the good in our lives. And if the good seems deficient, then start creating more of it. As the band Earth, Wind, and Fire sang it: "And if there ain't no beauty, you've got to make some beauty . . . listen to me y'all!" And there are so many moments when I spontaneously stop and give thanks for things related to Unity ...
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April 2019

Greetings Everyone! I pray springtime has been kind to you. It's such a wonderful and symbolically positive time for us all. We can see farmer's markets on the side of the road, Springtime festivals here and there, and of course it's a time for us to begin living out our plans and dreams. If this is not what's happening for you, you might want to ask yourself if you may have missed a chance to do your personal gardening to prepare for a new season and a new life. Our personal gardening is made up of healing of the past AND planting seeds for a better future. You may have missed one or the other or both. Nevertheless, it's not too late to begin your inner gardening process. At Unity of Sedona, we continually do our best to stay in ...
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March 2019

Hello Everyone! I (We) pray all is going well for you. Not everyone receiving this monthly newsletter lives in Sedona but if you do, then you'll know how beautiful and exciting things have been here--given the two feet of beautiful snow that blanketed the area in just 48 hours. In fact, some of this snow can still be seen here and there--even though we're now entering March. Another exciting experience is that my latest book, The Dark Night of the Soul, is now officially released and went immediately to the #1 best seller position on Amazon. Also, I'll be doing a 4-week online course this month on the topic of the Dark Night of the Soul, which can also be attended in person at Unity of Sedona. Lastly, one of the most exciting things of all is that my idea from several years ago ...
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