Lauralei M. and David Bradley

White Light Crystals, Books and Angels
Oden Reiki Spiritual Healers
(928) 282-0098

White Light Crystals, Books, and Angels is a New Age, Spiritual and Metaphysical Bookstore that is a unique resource to anyone searching for inner knowledge, angelic wisdom and spiritual growth. It has been a dream of ours to create a space that offers a positive forum for the teachings of the Spirit Guides & Guardians we work with. Besides books, our store offers many tools to enhance your inner path journey, as well as raise your vibration.

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Clare Duggan

(719) 221-1333

Clare has been providing excellent skin care for over 10 years. She worked out of one of Marin County, California’s top spas for nearly five years, where she honed her skills as a facialist and developed an extensive knowledge of skin care products. She became fascinated by the use of microcurrent as a self-healing catalyst for the body in 1991, and continues to use it as a highly effective anti-aging facial modality.  Clare is a warm and intuitive esthetician who enjoys connecting and growing genuine relationships with her clients and helping them to maximize their potential for beautiful, radiant, youthful skin.

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Lori Stephenson – Dream Weaver

Lori Stephenson

Dream Weaver Sessions
(260) 224-3245

Lori Ann is a Spiritual Elder and Dream Weaver of the Ojibwe Tribe from White Earth MN. Trained in the wisdom of the grandmothers Lori Ann guides clients using the ancient tools of dream-catching. She empathically taps into your emotional being-ness and helps you to release blockages to manifesting your happiest dreams. Lori Ann is certified from the School of Metaphysics in Camp Chesterfield, IN. She is a White Star Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader, Crystal Seer, and Unity of Sedona Chaplain.

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M & M – Mario & Mary Lou

Mario Mary Lou

M&M’s Bliss Core Alignment
(928) 362-2205

With over 40 years experience as spiritual Teachers and Healers, Mario and Mary Lou founded the very unique Sound Healing therapy Bliss Core Alignment. They offer Sacred Sound Celebrations and other forms of group transformation, Personal Sessions, Counsel and Readings, and also Angelic Shamanic Blessing Ceremonies for Weddings and other Events. M&M combine Ancient Wisdom with Quantum Field knowledge, opening the accelerating gates of frequency, sound and vibration…guided journeys into your inner worlds on the waves of healing sounds.

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Jonathan Ellis

Soul Readings—Inspired messages from your Soul
(928) 637-5888

During a Soul Reading, Jonathan acts as a Soulscribe, writing inspired messages from your Soul to you. These messages are written in eight-line poetic stanzas that convey subtle messages from your Soul and speak directly to you. With each subsequent reading, they transform what may at first appear to be simple poem into a deep multi-dimensional message. Your Soul is there as a perfect best friend, loving, supportive and always encouraging you to be your best.

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Rev. Sheryl Sophia Dahman

Celebrations of the Heart
(303) 570-1671

Sophia’s Sedona Wedding Ministry offers customized interfaith weddings for all couples including GLBT. She has been a Wedding Officiant for over 25 years, and is a member of “Show Stoppers,” Sedona’s preferred officiants. She also offers soul-level healing to use the power of prayer and tracking to Heal and Art from the Soul. Her art brings beauty to your home and elevates the soul!

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Linda Mae Costello

Earthlove Fellowship

Linda Mae works with you to reconnect with your passion, reunite with your life purpose, and re-awaken your soul so you can live your joy YOUR way. Linda Mae has been counseling and coaching clients for over 25 years from all walks of life. She was granted clergy credentials from the Fellowship of Druidism in the Latter Age in 2007 and, in addition to spiritual counseling, has been performing public ritual and rites of passage since 1991.

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Joy Nanda

Joy Nanda

Healing with Joy LLC
(928) 282-0683

For the last 25 years, Joy has been helping people improve their health, brain function and overall happiness with CranioSacral Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation. Working in group classes, as a speaker, or privately with individuals, her focus is on the multifactorial wellness of the brain and nervous system throughout the life cycle.

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