“I would like to share my experience with attending the David Matthew Brown’s workshop that was presented last Sunday. He is alive with the presence of Love, Higher Love, one that encompasses all when engaged in his presence. His practical applications of breathwork to stay centered in the heart was on point. His use of abstract symbolism to engage the right brain is empowering. His use of life experience with self and others allows the group to make earth (grounded) approaches to see into gaps in ones own “story” and where perception has become the malady of one’s own deliberate separation from Love. We were partnered up to experience one to one direct soul engaging connections through the eyes and ears, reminding me that it is safe to see into the eyes of love again and to hear with an open heart, the sorrowful call of Love’s embracing Depths into elation resounding in expansive waves of soul Love in Unity as a whole, through the echoed mantra of simply, “I LOVE YOU.” For those who missed this workshop, I highly recommend that you catch it next time David comes to town. In the meantime, I am sure the wave of expansion is on its way through the collective vibratory field of Gods growing Seed of Love in Christ.” –  VL (July 8, 2014)