Michael Mirdad’s Monthly Message

Greetings Dear Friends: Fall has now begun and with it will come all the usual, wonderful changes we experience during this season. So we can all expect a fair amount of losses (as some would call it), endings, and a call to integrate the various lessons we’ve learned over the past year (or longer). But let’s never forget that all of this paves the way for a new life–if we choose it.

But what about the thing the masses are calling the “new normal?” This phrase references the fact that there were so many changes in 2020, and it is believed by many that from now on, things will “never be the same.”

New Normal

But is there REALLY a “new normal” if we are awake enough to have already known that the “old normal” was never really “normal” at all? After all, some of us already knew that there was nothing normal at all about life on earth. And even if the material world could be called “normal,” those of us who are a bit more awake already saw (and predicted) the coming changes. So there was nothing “new” about these differences in the way the world functions. Personally, I already quit traveling long BEFORE it was announced that traveling would now be a challenge. So I started living the so-called “new normal” over a year ago. If the world is going to use a title to define itself, the term should probably be, “the new standard.” This would better describe what the world calls normal because the leaders of the world expect people to live by, and live up to, their standards. The good news, however, is that there is another option.

A New Life

Let’s choose to discover not a new normal, nor a new standard, but rather A NEW LIFE–one that we co-create with God. This is the only option that is real, everlasting, healthy, and fulfilling. Currently, this better option is not yet one that the world would embrace as normal. Instead, it is seen as too lofty and unrealistic. But why? Because the majority of the human race is still so far from believing in their ability to love and trust one another. But this too shall pass, although not until after the human race is willing to see the lack of power and value the world has over us. When this day arrives, we will know that the birth of Christ Consciousness (Christmas) is just around the corner.

Love & Light,


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