“My true Bliss came when I moved to AZ and could finally be free of my past and all the judgements and pain that came from it. My childhood was traumatic–to say the least–as I was the daughter of a murderer and the sister of a couple of addicts (one of which ended up being killed). Our home had no supervision, and with each new step-dad, it only made matters worse. I was on my own at 14, worked two jobs, and when I grew up and had children, I kept all alcohol and drugs from my home so my daughters would be safe and yet they too ended up being molested by their father. As a child, the only thing that kept me safe and loved was God. I separated from this world into my spirit, as there I felt safe, loved, and protected. The trees, the flowers, the animals all spoke to me, yet I could never connect to people. But, when I came to Unity of Sedona, I totally surrendered my past as I started connecting to the hearts of people. Unity was truly the first family or home I had ever had where I was free to be me and to open my heart to others. I experienced Bliss for the very first time in my life. I will always appreciate these amazing special moments. Thank you for blessing my life.” – K