Our Chaplains

The Chaplains at Unity of Sedona have been trained in three (not just the usual one) levels of spiritual Apostleship or ministering to the Soul. This training and sacred commitment include Prayer, Spiritual Counseling, and Hands-On Healing. Therefore, our Chaplains are available to help others on several levels and can be of service (at no charge) after each of our Sunday services or through private appointments (which can be for 15 minutes at no charge OR longer at a love-offering basis).


At Unity of Sedona, we believe that being a Chaplain is not unlike being an Apostle. Therefore a Chaplain holds a commitment to “Preach the gospel (teach) and heal the sick (through advanced forms of Prayer, Spiritual Counseling, and Hands-On Healing).” Besides actively doing healing and prayer work, Chaplains also have some official responsibilities to their church or spiritual family, which include a disciplined Practice of study, prayer, and meditation, holding sacred space during congregational services, as well as prayerfully supporting the Spiritual Leader, the Board of Directors, volunteers, and congregation.


"I love your Sunday service. Your talks always touch my heart so deeply. Words that I could never speak but think and feel. God Bless you deeply and great sermons that touch our hearts." – Marie

"Michael: I must comment on yesterday’s message.  As a matter of fact, I should include last Sunday also. You are ON FIRE!  Yesterday was especially pertinent as an avid believer in meditation, affirmations and visualizations. Your message was a great eye opener to many and a wonderful reminder to me that these distinctions are important. Although they all serve a purpose, the assumption that everyone is aware of the difference should not be taken for granted when I am recommending one of them as a guide for a client. Thank you again for being on target and a wonderful inspiration. Namaste!" – DL, AZ

"Michael: I attended the service at Unity Sedona this past Sunday, and just wanted to thank you for a heart-filled sacred time together. I, myself, am a spiritual leader, leading a community in MA. Your journey and teaching is compelling, love-filled, and relevant. Thank you for helping me renew and replenish my own wellsprings." – Manish, MA

"Before I came to Unity of Sedona, my body was so stiff I could barely move. I was in so much pain I couldn’t bend my fingers. (I have osteo-arthritis & rheumatism very bad.) During the Sunday service, I could feel my body and hands relax, and I am not in pain anymore! God Bless You in Light & Love." – KS, AZ


Essentially, a Chaplain chooses to behold the Christ Presence in each person and situation and facilitates others to claim it for themselves. A Chaplain also acknowledges and calls upon the Power and Presence of God—knowing that it is not us who do the work, but God that works in and through us. All requests for prayer and healing are handled in strict confidentiality. The reasons for this strict commitment are based on Spiritual Principle. Gossip is a form of separation mindedness and contrary to the At-one-ment the Chaplain intends to realize in prayer, counseling, and healing work.

A 3-part definition of a Chaplain and their role is as follows:
1. Connect with God
2. Surrender self
3. Serve and Assist others


Active Chaplains

The following is a list of all of our “active” Chaplains (meaning that they have trained in all three levels and continue to uphold the conditions for maintaining an “active” status). We also have approximately 75-100 other trainees who have completed one or two levels of training but are not considered “active” Chaplains at this time. Our “Active Chaplains” will pray or share Hands-On Healing with anyone who requests such after each Sunday service. They are usually introduced during our services or are found wearing name tags

Athena Ramirez
Caroline Parsons
Charel Harter
David Dull
Dosi Loverro
Dottie Burr
Jeff Schlicht
Joan Belle Nemeth
Joy Hammond

Joy Nanda
Joy Trowbridge
Judy Messer
Kesha Engel
Laura McMillan
Linda Fisher
Linda Mae Costello
Margaret Shebalin
Michael Mirdad

Michelle Hollis
Monica Brilhart
Rebecca McCormack
Robert Anderson
Robert Legmann
Samantha Malinski
Sophia (Sheryl) Dahman
Tom Parsons


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