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Unity of Sedona’s Labyrinth of Joy

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. With its spiraling path, it represents our journey to the center of our being, where we center in our own heart, and merge with the divine, and then journey back out again into the world.

At Unity of Sedona, we have created an amazing, magical labyrinth that enhances each person’s spiritual journey.

As you travel inward, you become more and more centered within, leaving the outer world behind. At the center of our labyrinth, you can balance each of your chakras (energy centers in the body) by standing or sitting on each of the colored Petals that surround our seven-foot obelisk, or you may be intuitively drawn to just one color.

Our obelisk was created with copper wiring running through from the pyramid at the top, down into the earth, as a way of conducting pure spiritual energy. In addition, our chaplains blessed and consecrated the site upon completion.

Our Labyrinth was created by many volunteers who gave their time, resources, insight, love, and (of course) joy so all may share the energy of this sacred space. You are invited to walk the sacred path of joy, awakening, and discovery in the labyrinth at Unity of Sedona.

Labyrinth Dedication
Labyrinth Dedication

An Introduction to Labyrinths


The labyrinth is an ancient symbol and tool for prayer and meditation. It offers a way to quiet your mind, open your heart, offer prayer, and turn inward for guidance.

Labyrinths have appeared in cultures around the world for many thousands of years. The sacred geometry of the labyrinth takes us through twists and turns, passing several times through four quadrants (symbolizing the four elements, the four directions, and our four human facets) and eventually into the center (symbolizing the fifth element and our divinity), where we meet Spirit. The path then leads us out into the world, thus bringing our renewed sense of self (our divine self) and inspiration out into the world. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is a continuous path to the center without dead ends. The center circle and the centerpiece of a labyrinth vary for each location. The labyrinth at Unity of Sedona has a seven-colored fan-like platform so we can decide which chakra of consciousness we most want/need to heal and/or develop.

Applying Sacred Geometry (ancient, sacred knowledge articulated in an architectural form) to the physical plane, is a mystical tool that assists in bringing clarity to the initiate while in a contemplative state. It might be thought of as a walking meditation and a pathway to higher consciousness. A Labyrinth is also a “yantra” or “living mandala,” wherein we enter and experience a sacred space dedicated to housing Spirit and spiritual energies.

When walking a labyrinth, we should allow the Spirit within the labyrinth to speak to us in whatever way is helpful and insightful for our experience. We may either walk with shoes for comfort and convenience or without shoes honoring the sacred space more fully and connecting more directly with the earth.

The Labyrinth

Setting an Intention

Before entering the labyrinth, set an intention or focus on something about which you would like to receive wisdom or insight. When walking, remain calm, silent, and listen within. We must walk at our own inspired pace. We may pass around others or they may pass around us. 

Entering the Labyrinth: The Inward Journey

Walking a labyrinth is like walking the journey of life itself. There are moments when we feel we are on the “straight and narrow,” only to find ourselves having to navigate twists and turns. In a labyrinth, however, the geometry of these shifts in direction actually encourages the brain to switch from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere, allowing us to more easily receive guidance and insight into life’s issues and challenges. We often lose track of the worries and density of the outside world, which helps to quiet the mind. As we let go of life’s distractions and surrender to Divine Guidance, we become an empty canvas on which a new life can be created through new ideas and insights. Or we might simply feel sublime feelings of peace or perhaps a feeling of renewed faith with which to live our lives.

Reaching the Center: The Holy of Holies

Reaching the center of a labyrinth symbolizes reaching the center of ourselves. Once there, we can remain here as long as we wish, receiving what is to be received. Unity’s Labyrinth was designed with seven colors at the center, symbolizing the seven chakras. Feel free to sit or stand in one of the colored areas and connect with Spirit in prayer, meditation, and contemplation. While in the center, we can allow ourselves to receive insights, guidance, inspiration, healing, and whatever else is for our highest good. Keep in mind that guidance can come through the thunderous “Voice of God” or the gentlest whisper. It might also come in the form of waves of energy or merely as feelings of peace and reassurance.

Exiting the Labyrinth: Returning to the World

Once we feel our journey in the labyrinth is complete, we exit as we entered, at a meditative pace that allows us to integrate our experience and perhaps gain practical ideas for the next steps we might take to make manifest our new inspirations. We prepare ourselves to re-enter the world, with a commitment to implement the guidance we have received in whatever way brings the highest good, remembering that all the power of Heaven goes with us.

Our Obelisk and Platform

Unity of Sedona’s labyrinth has, in its center, a lovely platform of seven colors. After walking the labyrinth, the initiate can choose which chakra (level of consciousness), within themselves, they would prefer to connect with and then sit or stand on the appropriate color on the platform. In the center of the platform is a stunning marble-faced obelisk, capped off with a pyramid-shaped quartz crystal. Obelisks are great transmitters of energy and can act as giant acupuncture needles, anchoring higher frequencies from the heavens into mother earth, as well as into our bodies. Having an obelisk in the center, and at the end of our walk through the labyrinth, symbolizes the importance of having God’s Love, Strength, and Guidance as to the center of our life.

For More Information on Labyrinths

Walking a Sacred Path by Dr. Lauren Artress



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