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Alien Love
August 15, 2017
by Wynn Free
So here i was laying in bed at 2am
Thinking all these beautiful and wonderful and craZY thoughts.
And I was confronted with the choice of trying to fall asleep
Or getting up like a stark raving lunatic
And firing up the old lap top and capturing them.
As you can see i did the latter.
So with that introduction,
There i was looking at the dArk ceiling
And communing with your spirit
Thinking what should be normally unmentionable thoughts
(no not about sex),
But communicating with you on a cellular level
(no not about phones),
From the inside of your being out,
And knowing you were feeling that also
On some level and maybe every level,
Because the energy bounced back to me
As if it hit the perfect mirror for my soul,
And part of you and part of me and part of creation
Were eternally bonded together.
No it’s not about possessing someone else’s body
For a moment.
It’s about accessing and feeling someone’s love
At any given moment.
It’s about releasing oneself
From the confines of this earthly body
And merging with the spirit of another being
Who has also expanded their reality
Beyond space and time.
So in other words
To keep it simple
It’s nice having you in my life.

Cascade of Love
August 9, 2017
by Lisa Meyer
My darling, sweetheart, can you feel,
The Light you are made of,
Inside you, waiting to reveal,
A cascading of love!

Your heart was made to open wide,
And you have not yet seen,
The depths of love you hold inside,
The brilliance of your being!

Oh honey, if you only could,
Release into the Light,
Open into how God would,
Set your heart in flight!

The miracles that you set free,
Will fly into the sky,
A trillion blessings glittering,
And trillians more will fly!

My sweetheart, if you just believe,
And open one small bit,
It only takes a mustard seed,
Of faith, your flame is lit!

The sharing of your truth, my dear,
Will set so many free,
Through you, His miracles appear,
You are the golden key!

My child, if you could know the truth,
Of all the lives you touch,
How many need your kindness to,
Know how much they’re loved!

I honor you, as you do me,
As one, we rise above,
We join our hands and hearts to see,
Our cascading of love!

Starlight Children
July 21, 2017
by Lisa Meyer
I want to take a nighttime ride,
Through stars and planets soar and glide,
Upon the moonbeams gently slide,
I want to take a nighttime ride!

I want to dive beneath the sea,
To find what’s waiting there for me,
A gift to set the whole world free, 
I want to dive beneath the sea!

I want to go where angels fly,
To see their heaven in the sky,
The place where help is standing by,
I want to go where angels fly!

I want to see as Jesus sees,
That there is nothing to appease,
To see the Light in each release,
I want to see as Jesus sees! 

I want to find the words to say,
How much you’re loved in every way,
To show your brilliance on display,
I want to find these words to say.

I want to take your hand in mine,
To make you my sweet Valentine,
To leave you feeling so divine,
I want to take your hand in mine!

I want to fill your heart with Light,
To bring you joy and pure delight,
To see your very soul ignite,
I want to fill your heart with Light!

I want to show you we are One,
We’re brighter than the brightest sun,
That God’s pure Light, is where we’re from,
His starlight children, We Are One!

The Space In Between
June 7, 2017
by Lisa Meyer
I’m drawn to the space that exists in between,
The heavens I feel, and the things I have seen,
I know that I’m bigger than this single life,
That I have a purpose, my soul is alive!

I came to experience this wild earthly plane,
To learn and to share all the wisdom I’ve gained,
My gifts I now bring to this world going round,
To help us all lift our feet up off the ground.

My studies have taken me on such a journey,
Wonderful secrets of life, I am learning,
I used to think life started outside of me,
But something has changed, I am starting to see!

Reality comes from a space deep within,
From my Great Creator, my Father, my friend,
Within me, inside me, the universe hides,
Within every cell, His pure Light resides!

Inside me is part of the Light of Creation,
Within me, around me, such imagination!
In the space in between, I am pure potential,

Expanding in Light, I am universal!

May 31, 2017
by Angel
A new session and new season, new lesson grasping whole brained,
for coherence with heart.
Determined Love to the strong finish through Jesus at my side bridging
where Tao motion is always the start.
Not going back, coming back to Here; whenever I figure myself and Self out.
Not simple or complex- it’s tree like Isness -uncarved from stone and grout.
Always more, always more- always something else, better or something
greater to greatest.
I used to want to be the greatest- used to sing I’m great and was always
taught to do my best.
I learned the hard way before I realized that I gave myself every test.
Now I give myself a little challenge once in a while- so I’ll nurture
the grace I was given that
I allowed to put my Mind at rest.
What’s better than best and more ready than we think?
What’s that they’re doing? Does that need a slow blink?
Well I’m sure I got one on family group messaging,
when I sung the Hare Krishna and sent it to all.
They’ve learned how to surf my waves by now, and
answer my linguistic oddity like a doll.
My Irish roots- the two I was given to raise.
I’ve got a wee bit of Swedish to keep the fire ablaze.
Enough identifying- I’m not even only Jupiter, although
I’ve blasted comets and localized the small small upside down triangle
in one spot, and direct it to the Creative Mind’s advantage.
Purifying and rejuvenating energies constantly- where the Light
takes it from Here- where what I thought was Real became a no-time
and well understood meaningfully in the Heart with a built in safe-guard
in Divine paintings helping me micromanage.
Too much, too Light? Never… what seems overwhelming, is only
the nerves adjusting.
Kick started too soon? Never… or else it wouldn’t
have happened through trusting.

The Key
April 22, 2017
by Angel Ueckert
As we experience ourselves from the beliefs we
have about ourselves,
drawing from the Holy Spirit’s well;
we’re reminded of Jesus’ life’s message
that only His expanding Love and Consciousness
no matter what, could tell.
Deep Truths of Our lives are revealed through
spiritual awakenings.
We are the lucky Ones, always
moving forward despite man math limits,
like the ‘Planck Distance’ experiencings.
Molecules fields away from their neighbors,
gives us comprehensions of the in-betweeness
of space.
Space is everywhere, and this we can agree,
when the material world is 1% and touching
nothing, oscillating our race.
A term for infinity and society’s rational garment,
is spun out and polarized in it’s visions from divisionaries.
Yet, the smallest particle of God, doesn’t take a waste
of funds building larger accelerators that wont
and can’t escape the very first boundaries.
There are fundamental division patterns, that are
also infinitely verified out in Our individual laboratory.
When we aren’t noticing the energy moving back into the
north and south pole expanding, perhaps we are popping
into existence on the inside with borrowed energy.
Nature has an intention too -to be what it IS, with no
wanting, since to be is to do.
It’s plates are based in a dense vacuum like space,
like old crystal converters, that’s batteries are still new.
There has always been plenty of energy to go around,
all forbidden secrets are inside and in shape’s sound.
Look inside, and see what’s simple that doesn’t need to be found –
see Holy and vividly amazing impressions that ARE US
-that cover the sky and the ground.
Purify the psyche in All total angles -factoring in the
inner 9 factor.
Living in a dream of frequency vibration, math, space,
energy, and geometry with cyclic time, so what’s the matter?
We’ve got supposed measurements of the sun and moon,
and more riddles to understand or throw out, than the mad hatter.
What is the relation to O being ‘zero point,’ and Son and Sun?
Well, God’s symbol is in EVERYTHING, so we can call it what is IS,
which IS the meaning and yes, very personal and already done.
There’s a voluntary choice to relate to a self/Self image of
separate, yet whole.
Born of God -where new beginnings are really One beginning,
and levels of greatness unfold in Us; losing self to put Our
Maker first, is the only Real goal.
Breathing Heart, and joyous stillings of Mind -alone express the
gift of peace that walks the beach of Us in no time.
Life’s flow meditation of living like God’s mime.
We are ALL renunciates eventually reknowned, reverended
by the growth cosmic Truth observes.
To retain what we Are improves memory that’s not far,
and quickens the Light that serves.
Peace is not a program, a process, or something we
It’s something to remember -not only chosen Ones or some.
It’s something we choose to recall and BE.
Something that IS already whole in You and me.
We will long to see One-another there again.
Through the warm waters we dig to riverate.
Canals of Holy streams, encumbering unimagined
drunk up enlived in united magistrate.
Yes, there is grace and mercy -yet we judge Ourselves
now and in the starts.
God guides, sends Divine Angels to guide, starting with
Jesus to help Us guide Ourselves in Our Hearts.
There are storehouses of information that are invisible,
yet influenced in Us to use.
Power isn’t always wisdom and so use it wisely,
so not to ignorantly abuse.
So qualified it’s a secret, yet it’s not easily hidden.
When we Are All parts of the key to creation’s secrets,
how could that be forbidden?
How to make liquid gold of frequency and nature
Purify the psyche in All total angles -factoring in the
inner 9 factor.
inside the body’s seat?
Let go of it’s material influence, going beyond
golden barrels; heating then mediuming the heat.

Nature Awakened Today
February 28, 2017
by Cindra Moore

Nature Awakened Today
With new shoots sprouting forth
Flower buds miraculous appearing 
On cacti as if overnight.
Periwinkle blue berries form a carpet 
Under junipers
The color of bluebirds 
That past through last week. 
I sit with my back against a ancient cedar
Hoping it imparts wisdom with its sap rising.
Yesterday, I heard the faint call of Canada geese
With the message on the wind
Change is coming!
Sweetness is in the air.
I brush past a tree
A puff of incense releases
With a soft thank you. 
I am in heaven 
On earth 
Once again. 

February 7, 2017
by Roger Blakiston

There is music and dancing and laughter and songs;
There are wildflowers and angels who travel in throngs.
It’s where butterflies dance on the eagles great wings;
It’s another dimension where every bell rings.

It’s a far away land where all dreams will come true,
And wherever you gaze the sky always is blue.
Over mushrooms and toadstools the faeries do fly,
And the rivers run deep where the oceans are dry.

Here all of the mythical creatures are real,
And bliss is the only emotion to feel.
There are dragons, and unicorns, leprechauns too,
While the daffodils smile as they’re drenched by the dew.

The hummingbirds sing to the rainbows of joy,
While King Arthur converses with Helen of Troy.
There is magic and folklore and castles and queens,
Like a pageant is playing out each one of its scenes.

This land has no limits to what you will see,
As your thoughts become deeds for your spirit is free.
So with anything possible, wonders abound;
Do be not surprised when your feet leave the ground!

You can fly on the wind, and make stardust with sand,
Bring paintings to life, and form jewels in your hand;
See the mountains turn purple, change sunsets to gold,
And roll in the snow and yet not feel the cold.

You’ll see miracles manifest, wizards with wands
Working spells with their potions while skating on ponds.
There are forests with ferns and your favorite fruits,
And trees that are growing without any roots.

You have paradise found, and utopia is here;
A mystical continent free of all fear.
Close your eyes, and believe as the images form
Letting go of all things that you think are the norm.

Whatever imagined will now be the truth,
Like the tales you believed in far back in your youth.
Have fun on your journey and never look back;
Wherever you go, you are on the right track.

The Calling
February 2, 2017
by Linda Mae

Do you feel the Calling deep within your Soul?
…the Calling to Love?
…the Calling to live in a better world?
Do you feel it?
It’s been there since time immemorial,
And it will be there for all eternity.

For that is who we are.
We ARE the Love that creates such a world.
It’s up to US to do away with all of the illusions
of that which is not,
to release them to the All That Is,
so that what we think we know
is transformed into the Glory of the Kingdom,
to Dance on the land in harmony and communion.

We are the Seeds of Earth’s Awakening.
May we remember in every moment
To be the Love we think we seek,
And in so doing, we have it.

Love loves Love,
And Love really IS the Answer
To that Calling
Deep within our Collective Soul.

Sacred Solstice
December 20, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

The universe unfolds before me,
Dropping gold dust from the skies;
A shower of sparkling gems from heaven
Crystallize before my eyes.

There’s magic in the wind this night;
I hear the spirits call my name.
The sounds and songs of far off times
Are calling out from every flame.

The yuletide log, the solstice speaks,
The winter nights are drawing near;
The pagan rituals ancients knew,
Revisited this time of year.

The mother holds us in her arms
So we will never be afraid,
And lights the path to take us home:
The Eden from which we have strayed.

The mystic circles carved in stone
Cast shadows from the waning moon,
While many mortals lost in sleep
Awaken not to nature’s tune.

An eerie silence fills the air
Then distant bells, and beat of drum;
A choir of elemental beings
In to my world have surely come.

We’re on a magic carpet ride;
Exciting wonders lie ahead.
No worldly thing can hold me back
As love through galaxies I spread.

The sages knew the mysteries, truth,
December tales told in the wood.
The ceremonies on the land;
I’m in the space the wise men stood.

For all of life let’s bless-ed be,
The spells performed by candlelight,
The energy that welcomes in
The shortest day, the longest night.

Christmas Magic
December 13, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

The silent night, the Christmas tree,
The snow and Santa’s sleigh;
The shepherds and the three wise men,
The stable and the hay.

The carol singers, yuletide log,
The frankincense and myrrh;
The stockings hung, the mince pies baked,
The elves and the reindeer.

The lights and gifts, the children’s smiles,
The church bells and the choir;
The holly and the misletoe,
The stories by the fire.

This is a magic time of year
For those who still believe;
The night is clear, the air is crisp,
At last it’s Christmas Eve.

The candles lit, excitement mounts,
And laughter fills the air;
The sacred day will soon arrive
As some folk kneel in prayer.

Whilst neighbors party with their friends
And drink the vintage wine,
Eat chocolates, others play charades,
On sumptuous dishes dine.

The angels watch from up above,
They send their light and peace,
And blessings both of love and hope
That war and evil cease.

We celebrate the Christ Child’s birth,
Pure innocence, divine;
The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes
Within the holy shrine.

May Christmas bring new waves of bliss
That spread through all mankind,
And leave all anger and despair
In dungeons far behind.

Waiting for Snow
November 27, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

The fire is ablaze, and the music is calm,
On the night before magical snow;
As the minutes tick by,
And I gaze at the sky,
I see storm clouds are starting to grow.

Excitement is mounting, it soon will arrive,
The heavens will send us their gift;
On Sedona’s red sand
The first flakes will land,
And shortly the wind will cause drift.

While sitting and waiting for snow to arrive,
I remember the white stuff of old;
And the Christmases past,
On the mountains so vast,
When I’d sled down the slopes in the cold.

I’d build snowmen, with eyes made of shiny black stones,
And noses of carrots and charms;
With a pipe in their mouth
And a look to the south,
And a scarf to cover their arms.

I’d throw snowballs at fir trees, build castles for kings,
Draw pictures with fingers in gloves;
Feed reindeer and robins,
And even the goblins,
Did all that a little boy loves.

The snow is so special, a gift from the gods,
In a land that is heaven on earth;
And here in Sedona,
In north Arizona,
You’ll witness the magic and mirth.

The clock has struck twelve, and the music has stopped,
With the embers no longer aglow;
It’s time to retire
From my dream by the fire,
For tomorrow is coming the snow.

Magical Feast
September 15, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

The ancestors gather from centuries gone by
On the lawn of a mansion so grand;
The guests from all ages,
With mystics and sages,
Hear music strike up from the band.

Some faces I know, while others just stare,
With eyes that are haunting, yet deep;
Each one tells a story
Of their former glory;
Let me not waken up from this sleep.

The food it is served by the waiters so neat,
And the dishes are fit for a king;
The wine is the best,
While the whiskey has zest;
A soprano commences to sing.

They’re tumblers and jesters and dancers of grace;
There are sirens and jugglers so great.
The laughter is loud
From this mystical crowd,
As they eat from voluptuous plate.

Great grandmother’s there, and so are her kin,
Who lifetimes gone past I did know;
Here time does stand still,
As glasses do fill,
For a toast to salute such a show.

The message I get from this magical feast
Is that none of us ever does die;
We’ll all meet again
After this earthly plane,
So with partings there’s no need to cry.

In other dimensions, beyond time and space,
Our loved ones will join us again;
For those we share much
Will all stay in touch,
And death shall not sever the chain.

July 20, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I’m carving out the earth to make a labyrinth;
For weeks my mind is focused on the land,
And circles spinning back and forth with stones,
All happening in Sedona’s desert sand.

The sacred geometry is all around
As I discover skills I never knew,
Creating art beneath the giant red rocks
A special space with such dramatic view.

For centuries there are fables round these rings,
The mystics have sought out their magic powers.
In ancient Crete they walked the labyrinth’s path,
Today they lie in gardens full of flowers.

The energy is there as I create
A masterpiece of nature, full of light,
So all who walk within the twists and turns
May find their peace within this magic site.

I spend much time inspired while playing in dirt
I’m like a child in my own little dream
And strangers pass, with curious looks and smiles
While puzzled why I seem to have no theme.

They simply see a pile of rocks and stones
A shovel, and a ruler all to hand
A happy man whose singing to himself
While drawing lines and circles in the sand.

It’s all created with my intuition,
Inspired by elementals and the moon;
The rabbits, birds all dancing with me here,
They know it will be finished very soon.

Now all complete, I share the art with all,
We move and meditate as we are one;
The spirits, humans, animals enjoy,
Together walking in the midday sun.

There something very special here for me,
Sedona’s never fails to just amaze
A simple labyrinth, in a garden home
Will keep me happy now for endless days.

Somebody’s Angel
July 18, 2016
by Charles David Heineke

A tribute to my Mother and Dad, Hazel & John Heineke,
Who’ve often been “Somebody’s Angel” and who’ve many times been mine.

Some say that angels come from God,
Borne here on wings snow white,
To touch some human being’s life
While on their heavenly flight.

That may be true, for so it seems
To happen, now and then.
Some heavenly being reaches down
To touch the hearts of men.

But there’s another kind of gift
That comes from God to men.
It happens when a human heart
Is filled with love again.

And this can happen any time,
On any given day,
If human hearts will hear Love’s call
And let Love have its way.

But human hearts are often shy,
And fear what men would say.
They also fail to see how Love
Could use them in this way.

And so they miss the chance to be
Somebody’s Angel when
A caring word, a thoughtful deed
Would’ve brought Love back again.

So listen, friend, and heed Love’s call
To help someone in need.
Somebody’s Angel, on this day,
Just may be you or me.

You can read this poem and hear the author narrate it at:

June 6, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I suddenly am startled with
An unexpected fright;
I hear the strangest sounds now traveling
Through the sky at night.

An echo in the distance, and
They soon return for more;
A craft from other galaxies,
Is this impending war?

Is this the end of planet Earth
As lights and chemtrails form?
Are visitors from others lands
Invading in the storm?

The patterns and the sounds are not
Familiar to my sense;
My lungs are filling up with smoke,
The air is getting dense.

Is this a dream, or is it real?
I know the answer not.
I start to sweat, the temperature
Is getting very hot.

A silent moment passes, followed
By explosions loud;
When magically a face appears
Within a heart shaped cloud.

My fears of something evil vanish
At this wondrous sight;
The smoke is clearing giving way
To an amazing light.

It all seems like science fiction,
Or perhaps a Bible story;
Is this the second coming,
Where I’m witnessing the glory?

Was this the final battle where
The victor is the good?
Where all will leave behind them now
The darkness in the wood?

Will sun and star and all that’s bright
Now shine upon our souls?
Is truth the human race at last
Has reached its final goals?

Is who I’m seeing the man who changed
The water into wine,
And healed the sick of leprosy,
The spirit that’s divine?

The man who fed a gathering of
Five thousand hungry men
And women, carrying babes in arms,
With only food for ten?

The man who walked on water, and
Who calmed a raging storm;
Who wandered hills of Galilee
Where followers did swarm?

The carpenter from Nazareth who died
On cross of wood,
And rose again as prophesied,
But we’d not understood?

The man of miracles, who some
Believe did not exist,
Is now indeed materializing
Out of yonder mist.

With love and peace and joy and hope,
He takes me by the hand,
And leads me forward with His grace
In to the Promised Land.

I see a New Jerusalem,
It’s now within my sight;
The holy city on a hill,
With lights that shine so bright.

It’s waiting for my entrance
As a band of angels play;
I’m entering my home of old,
On this triumphant day!

May 1, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

Inside each fearful soul there hides a song;
Within the darkest night there shines a light;
The tunnel may seem endless, yet in truth
The brightness soon will end each daunting plight.

The wind shall blow the black clouds all away,
The sun will laugh to light the waking hours;
The stars shall smile on all the troubled souls,
The buds will open up as fragrant flowers.

With every cold and snow filled winter gloom,
There follows all the blessings of the spring.
Beyond the painful scorching summer heat,
The fall arrives and nature’s treasures bring.

A caterpillar lives in woods so dark,
And there he weaves a magic chrysalis;
Then leaves behind the gloom and damp of earth,
Transforming to a butterfly in bliss.

What now may seem to be a journey long
Will quicken in the twinkling of an eye.
The sadness all will vanish with the storm,
The tears all shed, there’s no more space to cry.

It’s sometimes called the dark night of the soul,
And every mortal goes through this in life;
But there’s a rainbow waiting in the wings,
A pot of gold to end the present strife.

Each one of us at times does need to suffer,
So we can comprehend the joy and peace,
That’s waiting for us when these trials are over,
The other side, where wonders never cease.

April 3, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

A candle is lit in the forest of song,
Where the witches come out in the glen;
And the nightingales dance,
As if in a trance,
All watched by the spirits of men.

The faeries and elves, with the goblins and gnomes,
All join in the banquet of fun;
And a magical spell
From a bottomless well
Causes even the tortoise to run.

The witches they circle, as music is played
On the harp and the drum and the lyre;
And their potions from earth
Provide them with mirth,
That all sprites in the forest admire.

The labyrinth is walked on a carpet of leaves
As the guests are all welcomed by friends.
They link hand in hand
With the mortals from land,
As they travel the lines and the bends.

The flame from the candle is flickering with joy,
As it lights up the trees and the moon;
While the deer and the owl
Track the wolf’s happy howl
As it sings like a choir boy in tune.

And the Mother, she watches the gathering unfold;
The Goddess of earth is well pleased.
Her energy’s best
When there’s no time to rest,
Cause all of her senses are teased.

Whilst the new world implodes, the ancient lives on,
And it’s here that the truth doth belong;
For the magic and mystery,
All long-lost in history,
Is found in the forest of song.

March 23, 2016
by Rev. Robert Mitchell

If I tell you a secret
Will you promise you will tell?
Shout it from the rooftops
Not for heaven; but for hell.

Take these words in secret
Tell every living being
A message strange yet simple
You are everything.

You are the fire of sunlight,
And the stillness of the night.
The chill that comes with the evening
The moment of twilight.

You are the falling stardust,
The clouds, the winds, the rain.
Both the petals and the thorns;
You are everything.

You are the Bodhi and the Buddha
The music and the lute,
The song and the singer,
Both the tree and the root.

You are the Whirling Dervish
The monk that stands alone.
The hands that finger rosaries
Both the cross and the stone.

You are the Bible; the Gita,
The Torah, the Quran,
The mystery and the myths,
That share this common land.

They each tell the same story
But in a different way.
Still the secret remains the same
No matter what they say.

You orchestrate the universe
Beyond your wildest dreams.
Your breathing holds the world in place
Your life is more than it seems.

Love yourself fearlessly
Go dance beyond the moon.
Give freely of your heart and soul
And you will see your true self soon.

Lose yourself in this very life,
Reach for that golden ring,
So that you may find out without a doubt
That you are everything.

March 2, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I wander through the mystic hills,
Sedona dust my sandal fills.
The trees they beckon me with song;
I know this is where I belong.

The birds of wondrous colors talk;
A cardinal and then a hawk.
The clouds, the wind, the sun and moon
All sing their own harmonic tune.

It’s here midst all of natures chatters
I know that this is all that matters.
I’m in the moment, in the now
For all that is, I take my bow.

The stage of life is all around
And I’m the actor, homeward bound.
My body grounded on the earth
My spirit travels to my birth

And backward goes through time and space
Before the start of human race.
Sedona’s rocks still have their power
And so does each and every flower

No humans there, the silent land
Mysterious, still the desert sand.
I know this place from long ago
I’ve sought it out from high and low

And lifetimes passed, but it’s not changed
The red rocks are not re-arranged.
The views have names like Courthouse, Bell,
Their shadows cast a magic spell.

The energy was always there
And so I pause to once more stare.
For I am just a magic man
Who sees where all of it began.

February 10, 2016
by Roger Blakiston

I’m sailing on the sea upon a sunbeam;
I’m hovering on a cloud that’s made of snow;
I’m flying on an asteroid round the planets;
The universe is guiding spirit’s flow.

I’m surfing on a sheet of sparking crystal,
I’m circling round a labyrinth laced with gold;
I’m skating down a canyon crisp with ice,
I’m watching all my wondrous dreams unfold.

I’m mounted on a beautiful white unicorn,
And riding through a forest full of sprites;
I’m balancing on leaves above the cosmos,
And lighting skies that shadow all the nights.

I’m soaring over mountain peaks and valleys,
Where eagles fly, and humans long to tread
I’m witnessing the bodies of the living
While talking to the spirits of the dead.

My heart is leaping, with exciting thoughts
Of other worlds; of legends long ago,
Where elementals danced on moonlit nights,
And little people watched the giants grow.

I’m lost in galaxies so far away,
That earth folk only deem are make believe.
There’s mystery in the atmosphere this night,
As many mystic spells I gently weave.

My spirit wanders, as my body leaves,
Material world is left behind on earth.
I’m cruising in a dream that takes me back
To timeless realms before my recent birth.

I’m in a garden full of rainbow flowers,
With lakes, and streams and sparkling waterfalls,
And lions and lambs all playing together here;
A sacred land with freedom and no walls.

While some may call it Eden, Paradise,
Nirvana, Heaven, or another name,
It matters not, the journey now I’m seeing
Is what ignites within me such a flame.

A fire, a light, my spirit and my source
Are spinning in amazing worlds of bliss,
A treasury of all creations gifts,
And through the brilliant light I blow a kiss.

My spirit’s full of love for all I see,
I know that dreams like this are always true;
So back to earth I enter my old form,
To face the future blessings here anew.

It may seem like it’s all just an illusion,
Imagination rampant in my dreams,
As I behold the faeries, elves and angels,
With mermaids playing games within the streams.

Yet all I see is very real to me,
So there’s no need to question this, my truth;
For images like these I’ve always had
Since early days way back within my youth.

For all the lessons that the spirit world
Is teaching me each day, and all my lives;
I’m grateful for my understanding truths,
For which my soul and body always strives.

Enlightenment will come, no more to learn,
My soul will leave this earth for higher planes.
I’ll exit to angelic sounds and songs,
Break loose from all the mantles and the chains.

February 7, 2016
by Rob Curtis

Oh what a beautiful time to be born
What a wonderful time to die
What never was is here forever
And gone in the wink of an eye

Nature’s beauties never last
Yet they never fade away
Taking turns, our future’s pasts
Come on some other day

Graves may mark the death of us
Yet never shall we pass
Beyond the realm of what is real
The One amidst the mass

God did plan this sacred time
Which makes a poet’s pen
Reach ears afar and eyes unseen
This time will soon be then

Oh what a beautiful time to reap
The fruits before we plow
The time was lost is gained
It was and will be Now

January 1, 2016
by Rev. Robert Mitchell

There’s a pocket in my soul
Where I carry a picture or two,
They’re very old and fragile,
But they remind me of what is true.

There’s a picture of the Moon
Where I can also see the Sun.
The play of ice and fire together,
Together at last as one.

There’s another that looks
Like something very far away,
But if I hold it to the light just right,
I can see angels at play.

There’s another that’s like a mirror,
It shows the true reflection of me.
When I look at it, I see this little child,
How forgetful can I be?

There’s a pocket in my soul
Where I carry bits of paper, mostly simple notes,
Affirmations about Trust and God,
Some are my own, and some are powerful quotes.

There’s one about me
“Having a right to be here,”
That I’m nothing less than the trees and the stars,
And that God is always near.

There’s another that says
“I have to be what I want to see.”
I want to see love – so I look in the pocket,
Love’s there. It’s just been waiting on me.

There’s a pocket in my soul
I think God is a good tailor to put it there.
A place to keep little things for myself,
And other things to share.

I don’t always remember where I keep my truth,
But then my hand gets cold,
And then I’m reminded,
There’s a pocket in my soul.

December 31, 2015
by aVanessa Rose


Make haste leisurely and filter the illusion.
Listen to your Soul, she speaks in silence.
Love what you cannot understand.

Use your voice it has Power,
but more importantly Listen
because it holds more.


Do not judge.
To take offense holds the same poison
as to offend.

Be unique.
There is no one like you.

You are beautiful.
You have purpose.
Find it.
Feel it.
Live it.
Be it.

Be a mirror to others
in silence
so they too
may find peace.

Forget about selfies.
They will trap you
for eternity.

Break free
from the gravitational force
that binds you to matter
and be present.


Know your Power.
Know your Worth.
Create fluidly and with intent.

Invest in fortunes
only after you have invested in Love.

Control your world
through the quantum double slit.

Don’t act to quickly.
Slow down
and listen to your breath.
She speaks to you in Code.

If something no longer serves you
bless it
and humbly leave it behind.


There are Heroes in the streets,
in the wind and in the trees.
They surround every perimeter.
You too,
are a Hero.


You are one with the ancient
and one with the old.
You are one with your family
and all of humanity.
We are One Big Soul.

There is no separateness,
that’s a lie.

So connect.

Connect with every living thing
and find your presence is intertwined with it all.
Never stop searching.
Never stop believing.
Never stop loving,


Do not beg for love
or you’ll lack it.
Take root
but don’t attach to it.
You will always lose that which you desire.
So stay present.

Time has never existed,
so age with grace.
Embrace all new experiences.
Everyday brings news life.
and be kind.

When you heart breaks
and your world collides.
When you feel you can’t keep going,
stay strong.
Good will always overcome evil.
You must know both
or you would not survive.
Accept this beautiful fault
and grow.

Embrace nothingness,
and direct your mind.
Do everything with an intention.
The observation alone controls the outcome.
After all you do not only dream,
you create.
You were born this way,
your power is innate.

November 26, 2015
by Rev.Robert Mitchell

The moon was out for her stroll last night
And she stopped right over my bed.
She watched the fight inside myself,
And listened inside my head.

She wondered about the ramblings
That made me so confused.
“He’s half right,” she thought.
But that half, I refused.

“Enough,” she thought,
“I’ll give this fight a rest.”
So on a golden beam of light
She pulled me up into her breast.

There I rested with teary eyes
While she soothed my angry mind.
The fight was about my body and soul
And my mind was very unkind.

My mind said, “You’re just a body.”
My soul said, “That’s not really you.”
My mind said, “See I’m alone in here.”
My soul said, “That’s not really true.”

So once more we were at it
Even in the arms of love.
The moon made it more unbelievable.
How did I rise high above?

How was I able to see the stars
Gracefully dancing in the night?
How was I able to sit on the moon?
How did that make things right?

Then the moon held me a little tighter
And said, “Are you sure you want to know?”
With the truth there must be understanding,
You are both body and soul.

But even more than that,
You are the Spirit of Love.
Your every thought is a power,
Both the problem and the solution thereof.

You are Spirit, Soul and Body.
A reflection of Divinity.
Separation is a quarrelsome illusion,
You can’t divide the Trinity.

“But the fighting has to stop,
At least for the rest of the night.”
Then she put me back in my bed
And continued her nightly flight.

October 31, 2015
by Linda Mae

I was at the bottom of a pit
Looking up at your silouette
etched against a daylit sky.
I wanted to be there, and with a thought
I flew up to be next to Thee.
It was easy,
easier than I thought it would be.

We greeted each other
with honor and delight,
your left hand grasping my right.
Our energies mingled with the touch
and we fueled each other, renewed each other,
the brightness within our beings
glowing until it spilled out
and shone around us;

A bright signal fire we’ve become;
the vortex of transformation,
as we rise into the sky
to become this inner star
that others can see,
can feel within themselves.

Within the fire of love
we wrap ourselves around each other
so we can feel
every joy of our joining.
After we have taken our pleasure,
we set out across the sky
hand in hand,
seeking to shine our love like a sun
into the hearts of those who need it.

Others are affected by our passing
although they don’t know why
their cares seem easier,
their burdens seem lighter.
Such as this do we bring to the world,
you and I, together.

Sometimes we stop and teach for awhile;
sometimes together, sometimes separate.
Depends on the needs of the people.
I love best being in your audience,
watching you teach.
They don’t know how they are affected
by having us there together,
how they experience the polarity,
and set it humming within themselves.

But part of our pleasure is secret healing.
Give peole faith in themselves
and they can go in their own way
to spread their light.
We may fan their flame,
but it is their enactment of the love
that keeps it burning.

Together we fly, night after night
working to bring the light
to the World
so She will shine with love.

I am beginning to see the glow.

September 10, 2015
by Angel

At Snowbowl by Az Trail, the tad poles are getting Ready to jump out
of the pond to meet the horned lizards and yellow butterflies in the
tall grasses, and the pink firecracker flower’s bee.

Aspen can get big, there’s one red one and in two weeks- kabaam!
Autumny deer hop off into the mountain hills; always seeming like the

Picked some rose hips and was worth the few little thorns, because I
ground them up with the chamomile , put it in lemonade and turned out
to be Really great tea.

Lots of flicker wood peckers flying out of the grass, to reveal their
wing’s red spots and white heads as they quicken then stop.

August 8, 2015
by Joy Nanda

I forgot
How beautiful you are
I knew it when I traveled
But couldn’t feel the fire
That purifies me
When I sleep in your embrace.
Holy Mother
Your arms appear
To open wider here
Than any other
Sacred earthly place.

August 3, 2015
by Linda Mae

The moment approaches
when the Eagle flies to the Sun
and the Shining Glory of Life
Bridges the inner and the outer
in a marvelous dance of Unity.

My back is to the fence
and the path before me is clear.
Green grass swaying to either side
as I walk, not alone, to the Sun.

I revel in the refreshing beauty
of this path,
Sprinkling my life
with buttercups and daisies
and the sweet refrains of birdsong.

The blanketing sky shines translucent
A gentle creek babbles softly by
A zephyr sets the trees and grasses
Softly waving to pondering rocks…

The path is level,
with a few twists and turns
to keep it fresh and interesting
and to beckon ever onward.

What wonderful promises await!

July 10, 2015
by Jay Scott Berry

The Way of the Wizard
Is a Fascination.
To Seek the Grail,
Of Pure Inspiration.

To Dance with the Fairies,
And Love with the Moon.
To Weave the Great Mystery,
Into Your Tune.

To Be the Brave Hero,
In Quest of the Heart.
Living Together,
Yet Ever Apart.

To Know the Above,
Within the Below.
Becoming the Arrow,
Unleashed from the Bow.

To Soar with the Eagles,
Rejoicing in Wonder.
To Channel the Lightning,
And Echo the Thunder.

Beyond the Illusion,
And All its Constraints.
You Laugh with the Sinners,
And Cry with the Saints.

And Knowing a Flower,
Can Shatter the Stone.
You Stand Unyielding,
At the King’s Throne.

For You are the Wise,
As well as The Fool.
The Wheel is Your Fortune,
Life is Your School.

You Revel in Challenge,
Adversity’s Kiss.
And Dive without Fear,
Into the Abyss.

To Journey in Twilight,
A World beyond Form.
The Treasure Concealed,
In the Eye of the Storm.

The Shadow Requests
A Single Suggestion.
To Be and Not to Be,
Answers the Question.

And Knowing All Masks,
Hide the One Face.
The Devil is Given,
An Angel’s Embrace.

As Shadow and Light
Fuse into Gold,
The Gates are Parted,
The Carpet Unrolled.

The Veil is Lifted,
On what was Concealed.
The Long Lost Magic
At last is Revealed.

A Truth so Beautiful
Treasure Sublime,
Past and Future,
Space in Time.

The Lock is the Universe,
You Are the Key.
Open Your Eyes
And Learn How to See.

An Ocean of Wonder,
Is there to Behold.
Reflecting the Cosmos,
and Secrets Untold.

Diving and Swimming,
In Pure Revelation.
You Join in the Exquisite,
Song of Creation.

And as You Gaze Up,
It All becomes Clear
You are the Starlight
There’s Nothing to Fear.

As Tree becomes Root,
And Flesh becomes Bone,
Your Heart Becomes,
The Philosopher’s Stone.

The Sword is Imbedded,
The Quest cannot Fail
Excalibur Freed,
You are The Grail!

And so, as You Shine,
In Timeless Elation.
The Grail Overflows.
With Pure Inspiration.

July 9, 2015
by Linda Mae

People came to me
to drink of my waters
and with love
I gave them some.

And you came
and I offered to you
a cup
with trembling hand
and with trembling heart
you accepted it
and you drank of it
with great solemnity.

And you offered to me
some of your bread
and I felt honored
to eat of your bread,
to receive nourishment
from you,
my love.

And then I went back
to the people
who came to drink
of my waters.

June 8, 2015
by Jay Scott Berry

Seashells and sandcastles, the memories of a child.
Hide and seek and skipping rope, carefree running wild.

Rainbows and waterfalls, training wheels left behind.
Peter Pan and Wonderland, the childlike state of mind.

Anything was possible, we were Princesses and Kings.
Puff the Magic Dragon, flew on Golden Wings.

Fairy tales and Santa Claus, the Magic in a Rhyme.
Carousels and wishing wells,
Once Upon a Time.

June 3, 2015
by Linda Mae

It’s a warm glow inside me
Keeping me cozy
Inviting a slight soft smile
To turn up the corners of my mouth.

When the joy washes over me
And floods me with happiness,
I know its core.

It’s in a secret place
Deep inside me
I feel it flickering
When I least expect it.
I keep it safe and protected
Lest a wayward breeze
Will snuff it out…

But I am coming to realize
The strength of the fuel
Which feeds this wondrous flame.

I treasure its warmth
I rejoice in its light…
This glow bestowed upon
All that I do.

My love for you begins there…
In my love for me.

May 7, 2015
by Jay Scott Berry

I am the dog who saw a rainbow,
When others were unable.
I am the tortoise who never stopped,
Believing in a fable.
I am the rabbit far too cunning,
To be caught within the snare.
I am the wing that ever waits,
To fly upon a prayer.
I am the fool on the hill,
Who dances in the rain.
I am the lining made of silver,
That fear cannot restrain.
I am the stallion running wild,
That rope will never bind.
I am the secret, hidden truth,
Within your heart and mind.
I am the leap that all must take,
But few will ever try.
I am the greatest treasure,
That money cannot buy.
I am the boat that holds out faith,
For wind to fill my sail.
I am the knight who ever seeks,
For the Holy Grail.
I am the single glowing ember,
The last undying spark.
I am the candle keeping vigil,
Alone within the dark.
I am the traveler in the storm,
Destined to ever roam.
I am the star that heralds dawn,
And always leads you home.

May 1, 2015
by Linda Mae

Like a Lover
I open Myself to the intricacies
Of My psyche.
I caress and probe
each nook and cranny that I encounter.
I examine each new discovery
with awe and appreciation.
I explore further and further,
a pioneer cutting across new lands,
an adventurer on a quest.

Like a Lover
I treasure every dream,
capturing each glistening nuance
as I contemplate signficance,
reveling in every part,
striving to behold the whole.

Like a Lover
I surround Myself with consciousness
finding the place of I
from which all else generates
and radiates with pulsating life.
I find Me everywhere I look.
I push the illusory limits
and find gentle yieldings.
I cross bridges across valleys
from height to height.
I dance on rainbows.
I fly to the Sun.
I sing to the glory of spinning spheres.

Like a Lover
over and over
I find My Self reflected
in the inner images
in the outer hologram.
I sink into the embrace
of Cosmic Love’
and feel the Oneness of Being
Like a Lover.

April 7, 2015
by Jay Scott Berry

There is a dream that we all share,
A crystal clear conception.
To somehow lift the veil upon,
The mirage of this deception.

Wisdom sings her silent song,
For one and all to hear.
Echoes in the sands of time,
Whisper loud and clear.

Past and future coincide,
To aid in our endeavor.
Find the X that marks the spot,
At the crossroads of forever.

The dream becomes reality,
Once we know where to start.
To find your Heaven here on Earth,
You need Heaven in Your Heart.

April 2, 2015
by Izumi 2008

Within the darkness, I see you hiding.
Within the silence, I hear your screams.
Within your smile, I see your tears.
Within your eyes, I see your soul.
Within your heart, I sense your love.
Within your being, there is the truth.

Go within, and see the light.
Go within, and face your fears.
Go within the silence and quiet your screams.
Go within and know, you are not alone.
Go within, where we are one.

In the oneness, realize your dreams.
In the oneness, be born again.
In the oneness, that is love, you will become
an inspiration to everyone.

March 21, 2015
by Linda Mae

We live our lives day to day
Running here and there
Laughing, dancing, singing playing,
Living hard, loving well
Never stopping to think
What’s it all about.

We let the winds of life
Blow us here and there
Marching forward on the road before us
Not stopping to see the sidestreets we pass
Following the wide way already forged
Caught in the act of life.

Once in a while, I let it go
Once in a while, I let it flow on by
Once in a while, I release myself from the bonds
From the bonds that be
All around me.
Once in awhile, I light my own path
And escape to the center of me.
Just when I think I am free
The web of life recaptures me
And I find myself
Caught in the act again.

All the world’s a stage, they say
And we are all actors in a play
We act so well, we do not see
We don’t have to take it so seriously
So easy to step out of the scene
And see the game
Joy and sorrow – it’s all the same.

The act is for fun. The act is for learning.
The act is what we’re here for.
And so I find, for peace of mind,
I am caught in the act again.

March 8, 2015
by Jay Scott Berry

We are ever seeking Magic,
High up and far away.
And forget that it is always here,
Alive in every day.

We seek the Mystery high and low,
Imagining supernatural.
And forget the quintessential truth,
That Magic is always natural.

You can hear the disillusioned cry,
That Magic doesn’t exist.
While it merrily dances before their eyes,
And this somehow they’ve missed:

It is woven within the rainbow,
And the dream of a butterfly.
It dances with the snowflakes,
And sparkles in the sky.

It shines in every sunrise,
And whispers in the trees.
It blooms with every flower,
And waltzes with the breeze.

It is closer than a heartbeat,
And nearer than each breath.
It is found in every birth,
And, alas, in every death.

Ineffable as a twilight dream,
A Mystery to bind us.
And once we open up our hearts,
The Magic will always find us.

March 2, 2015
by Izumi 005

I met a man along the road
who was contented
to just be.
He told me that his secret was
to gaze upon a tree.
The tree is one with all the earth
and with the sky above.
Freely giving shelter to
both the hawk
and to the dove.
He said to just sit quietly
and listen to the tree
to hear the answer of how we also
I sat right down there on the spot
To see what I might see.
And after awhile I felt as content
As if I were in love.
I turned to thank the man I’d met,
Yet it was not to be,
For where he once stood
Now, was just a tree.

by Linda Mae Costello
February 21, 2015 

The cold night howls
this dark night
And rattles the windows
As it creeps and seeps
Into cracks and crannies
And rubs against my skin
With an insistent reminder
Of its presence.

The moon shines not,
Obscured by clouds
Which hide the light
Of the night
And sends gentle rain
Which mists and dances
In the buffeting breath
Of winter’s bane.

The lamplight glows
With a welcome warmth
Spreading rays across the room
Which touch my heart
And mellow my mind
Into quiet appreciation
Of the civility of being indoors
On a cold, dark, blustery eve.

Does the man who stands
On the corner with a can
Have a place to huddle tonight
As he contemplates and curses his fate?
My heart sends him warmth
And a smile.
Perhaps he’ll feel it
Through the mysterious love connections
Which unite us one to another
And he’ll experience a single moment
Of comfort
On this night of Nature’s challenge.

For what do you give your life, dear man?
What is the awareness
You seek to bring
To the passersby
Who spare not even a smile
But rather a look of disdain
And haughty superiority,
Believing somehow
That they are more deserving
Than you?

They have no heart
But you do.
I see it shining out your eyes
And bubbling around
The edges of your being,
And I know,
Although it may not seem so,
That You are the richer.

Thank you for enriching my life
With your presence.
May you always find
Shelter from the Cold.


January 27, 2015

‘like walking in the rain and the snow when there’s no where to go and you feel like your soul is dying’

*spirit finder came down deep into my wounds and tried to feed me a blueberry …

i said no,
coffee …

we walked through the sun, rubber soles over ashes, sharing tobacco
eating dust clouds

he’d throw one at me, i’d throw one at him
til the dust cleared we found ourselves starving

i don’t know why i’m ALIVE! i cried
shake and sip he said i don’t know either

thrown into the rain
dirtied trampled and stained
by a lifetime of questions from lifetimes of pain

and the heart that was there bled to hell
as they drank and we fell

down down down through the crown
to the holes
in our souls

left to the cross skim the surface of heart
and the scars on my face speak the wisdom of fears

and the laughter i hate paints a past time for years

untying souls dying for the rescue of mind
for the soul seeks to heal but the mind seeks to find

the mind disappointed time after time

what traps this vision for souls in the rain
for hero’s to triumph over the pain

and have we found soul so far
or could what we eat change who we are

by Linda Mae Costello
 January 20, 2015

A red sun shines over the mountain
The morning fluorescence of sky fills my sight
I stand in contemplation
of the ways of the soaring eagle
Majestic in passage, Ominous in flight.

With far-seeing eyes, I scan the distance
Searching for the sign to be revealed to me.
I am one with the swaying grasses,
the chirping crickets, the magpie’s call,
I feel them all, deep within my soul,
Where they touch and unite with the essence.

The movement around me becomes a dance
a sacred testament to the earth.
I find myself swaying to inner rhythms
and I am still, so that I may hear the Voice.

The Voice speaks, and whispers of Light
Reminding me ever that I am as a beacon.
I pray that I carry out this mission worthily.

The Voice speaks again, reminding me
of that which I must do,
To find the bridge between the two worlds,
and to show others the way across.

The Awakening of the Spirit bodes restlessness
and those who are aware take heed
as all is readied in preparation
for the Turning.

The sun shines yellow now,
brightening the sky with its glow,
enlivening the life on this planet.
The mountain stands firm and resolute
as the sun bathes the west side
in the glory of the moment.

Far in the distance,
at the base of the mountain
Red poppies turn their heads in unison
Vividly pulling at my attention.
I see now what I must do.
I must stand and speak my colors
Reveal myself as I am
to those with eyes to see.

They will know, and they will go
to the four corners,
to bring forth the miracle of Life
through Love.

For in love does the eagle soar,
the poppies turn their incessant heads,
the mountain remains, the sun radiates.
In love are we enjoined with those
so near and dear to our hearts.
In love will we find the ways of world healing
and of Unity forevermore.

I return to my people
with the gift revealed to me,
filled with power and purpose,
blessed with Happiness and hope,
armed with the Spirit within,
ready to march forth
with my staff held high,
an evershining beam of light
for all to see.

Journeys of the Underworld
by Linda Mae Costello
December 21, 2014

I found myself going down, down
into the darkness of
the cavity of neverending cave
And in that darkness
Iridescent light revealed
ghastly, tortured masks
of souls in agony
Frozen forever in their pain.

Down past the painful parade
I tumbled and fell,
Into the realm of beasts
and primitive practices.
I could hear the tribal drums
and visions came to me
of blood-curling rituals
as shamans cut out the hearts
of sacrifical offerings
and held them up
to the Gods
in the moonlight
as they sang their mournful song
of lost souls
and guided them
down avenues long forgotten
back to the heart of Life.

I tumbled past the hunter,
the murderer with poised knife,
calm nerves,
mouth twisted in anger and revenge
as he braced himself for the kill.

I tumbled past the forlorn mother
forever wandering in twilight
seeking her stillborn child
and grieving incessantly.

I tumbled into the fire
of ever-burning hatred
bent on destroying
everything in its path,
And I came out of that flame
charred, but alive
left only with that shining glory
which cannot be destroyed.

I suffered the turmoil of banishment
as friend and foe alike
turned their backs on me
and I wandered alone
lost in the mirages
of old and worn experiences
begging over and over for revival.

I fell on and on
ever tumbling head over heels
not knowing which way was aright
Until I came face to face
with the part of me
who had committed every sin
every injustice
every blasphemy,
the ugly troll hiding under
the rainbow bridge,

And I faced myself with steady eyes
and looked deep and long
into the wounds
that created this creature….

And I forgave.

by Linda Mae Costello
November 19, 2014

Beguiling voices fill my mind
As I contemplate the moon
And other womanly forces
That whisper to me
Of caverns and seas
Of prettily glittering crystals
Diffusing the light
In a rainbow prism of color
To spread over the earth
In a sweet dream promise
Of a better tomorrow.

I stand in the Shadow
Of a towering oak tree
And I feel the life stir within me
Like the first tremor in the acorn
As it begins to sprout
Cracking open the hard outer shell
To reveal tender shoots
Reaching for the sun
And craving roots
Seeking sustenance
From the soft, yielding earth.

I lift my hands high
To the heavens
And I feel myself become filled
With the breath of tree and sky
As I shine like a beacon
On the top of a hill
Lighting the way for others.

I bow my head in wonder,
In the splendor and the awe
Of such power
As arises within me from the earth
And pours down from above.

I am a chalice to be filled
With the sweet, sweet nectar of the gods
So that others may drink
Of this divine wine
And find their way Home.


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