“What way will we choose to be helped to wholeness, to wellness of being? I attended Keith Varnum’s Workshop, Vortex of Abundance, this afternoon. What I love about Keith is his easy style, his whimsical approach to the ever-expanding interpretation of what seems common but in his creative hands, never is. How many approaches are there to abundance? More than you can perceive.Tired and repetitive the rhetoric might drone on with what has been heard again and again, and in the end is not as useful as might be hoped for… but not with Keith. He is the fresh breath of Holy Spirit to look and be renewed and enlivened, the physical movement and engagement of the body in change and expansion, I allowed myself the nourishment of his facilitation of what needed assistance within me. It was a gift to be energetically morphed to a new place of identifying stuck spots and allowing them to be undone; I could see a connection of two spots with a spiral cord that expanded out and then just disappeared. Thank you, dear Keith, for the simple tools that unlock imagined “lacks” in all facets of our being to be opened to finding and receiving answers, ways and means, and the positive solutions to and for our growth and abundance of being.” – JBN, Sedona (July 2016)