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Sedona’s Vortex Energy

Besides its outstanding natural beauty, Sedona Arizona has long been known as a spiritual power center because of its “energy vortexes.” What is an energy vortex? In general, it is believed that there are places on earth that are spiritually and/or scientifically unique in that they have an unusual quantity or variation of funnel-shaped energy—not unlike acupuncture points in the human body. It is believed that the earth has seven major vortexes and dozens of minor vortexes—usually many hundreds or thousands of miles apart. While all of Sedona is a major vortex site, there are also many smaller vortexes within the larger one. So, Sedona has more vortexes in one region than anywhere else in the world. The energy is strongest at the specific vortex sites, but it saturates the whole area and can be felt in both subtle and dramatic ways by locals and tourists alike. READ MORE

Sedona Psychics

With the heightened vibrations and vortex energy, Sedona is an especially powerful source of psychic and intuitive enhancement for many, and therefore draws a large number of professional psychics to the community. If you are unsure about how to connect with a psychic guide who is right for you, it is always wise to pray for guidance on this AND to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust AND to consider looking at a directory of psychics in the area to see if one of them “feels right” for you.


Sedona Healers

The Sedona area is home to an enormous range of healing practitioners. Whether working in the physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual realms, there is no shortage of professionals here who can help to facilitate transformation and healing on a very deep level.

Spiritual Things to Do in Sedona

With its breathtaking view of red rocks and contrasting evergreens, Sedona Arizona is known as being one of the most beautiful places on the planet. But Sedona is also known as being the largest “New Age” community (per capita) in the world. As some people put it, Sedona is the New Age Mecca of planet earth. Many people interested in higher forms of spiritual understanding and honoring all religions, traditions, and thought-systems choose to visit or move to Sedona. This pilgrimage is often encouraged by the countless number of miraculous testimonies from groups and individuals who share stories of receiving powerful visions, spontaneous insights, and even physical healing from spending time doing one or more of the many spiritual activities available in the area. The following is a partial list of just some of the spiritual thing to do in Sedona.


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