Sedona Healers

Healers of Sedona

By Joy Nanda, PhD, CST-D

The Sedona area is home to an enormous range of healing practitioners. Whether working in the physical, emotional, energetic, or spiritual realms, there is no shortage of professionals here who can help to facilitate transformation and healing on a very deep level.

Types of Healers in Sedona

Sedona’s healers come from many cultural backgrounds and traditions, from Native American to Eastern (Tibetan, East Indian, Oriental Medicine, and more) to those with more Western medical backgrounds. Our bodyworkers range from structural integrators, chiropractors, and deep tissue massage therapists who manipulate the physical structure of the body, to Reiki, acupuncture and other energy healing modalities. On the spiritual side, many of our Unity Chaplains are highly skilled in prayer healing and spiritual counseling. Our Chaplain Prayer Circles on the second Saturday of each month, provide an opportunity for individuals to experience the power of prayer by sitting in the center of our circle for healing.


Natural Healing in Sedona

We also recommend using the healing power of Sedona’s natural beauty and vortex energy to enhance your wellbeing. A qualified guide can help you design an outing that best meets your needs and provides the maximum healing benefits, while also performing healing rituals and activities when appropriate.

Walking A Labyrinth

One healing technique that is very popular in Sedona is walking a labyrinth. These are circular paths, usually outlined with stones. At first glance, a labyrinth appears similar to a maze but the labyrinth path provides an unambiguous route to the center and back, without requiring too much challenge to the mind. The purpose of the labyrinth is to focus the thoughts and quiet the monkey mind. In this singular focus, we can find creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and heal from past hurts and traumas.

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Chaplain Training Hands On Healing

Finding A Healer

Whether you approach healing in Sedona through bodywork, energy work, spiritual counseling, visiting vortex sites, or walking a labyrinth, you will no doubt have a unique experience. To find the Sedona healer best suited to your needs, start with the detailed descriptions in our directory. Contact those Sedona healers who you feel drawn to and have an exploratory conversation. Ask them about specific modalities, therapeutic goals, and logistics such as availability, pricing, and location. Pay attention to your inner wisdom, which will guide you to the right healer for you.


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