Sedona’s Vortex Energy

The Energy Vortexes of Sedona

By Joy Nanda, PhD, CST-D

Besides its outstanding natural beauty, Sedona Arizona has long been known as a spiritual power center because of its “energy vortexes.” What is an energy vortex? In general, it is believed that there are places on earth that are spiritually and/or scientifically unique in that they have an unusual quantity or variation of funnel-shaped energy; not unlike acupuncture points in the human body. It is believed that the earth has seven major vortexes and dozens of minor vortexes; usually many hundreds or thousands of miles apart. While all of Sedona is a major vortex site, there are also many smaller vortexes within the larger one. So, Sedona has more vortexes in one region than anywhere else in the world. The energy is strongest at the specific vortex sites, but it saturates the whole area and can be felt in both subtle and dramatic ways by locals and tourists alike.


The energy funnels, or vortexes, in the Sedona area, are often referred to as “electrical” (also called “masculine” or “upflow”) or “magnetic” (called “feminine” or “downflow”), but neither is really accurate. Instead, Sedona’s vortex energy runs in the deeper dimensions that are only just recently becoming understood by the cutting edge of scientific thinking. The advent of high-level “string theory” in physics has scientists recognizing that our reality consists of more than three or four dimensions; perhaps as many as ten or more.

Cathedral Rock

New Age Mecca

Currently, we know that the Vortex Sites of Sedona (because of their connection with these other dimensions) are only beginning to be understood, but are especially conducive to a wide variety of spiritual and energetic healing activities, such as prayer, meditation, energy healing, understanding your soul’s purpose, and strengthening your divine connection. This is why so many people on the spiritual path are drawn to Sedona each year—making Sedona a “New Age Mecca.”

Anyone sensitive to subtle energies will no doubt feel the vortex energy throughout the area. Each site has a different combination of the vortex directions or types described above: electrical-masculine-upflow, magnetic-feminine-inflow, or a blend of the two. While not necessarily accurate from either a scientific or metaphysical point of view, these descriptions may help you to choose which sites to visit and to understand your experience of them according to your needs and goals during your time in Sedona.

For example, the electrical-masculine-upflow vortex energy (which can be experienced at the Airport Mesa site) may bring you to a higher spiritual perspective, from which you can experience your divine nature and gain strength to face soul-level problems.

The magnetic-feminine-inflow vortex energy flow (which can be experienced at Cathedral Rock) supports going inward and dealing with the feminine side of life. In addition to supporting you in healing past hurts, feminine energy enhances kindness, compassion, patience, and the ability to anticipate the impact of your actions when dealing with others.

Boynton Canyon is known as a “combination vortex” because it seems to combine aspects of both masculine and feminine energies. For some people, balancing these two types of vortex energy can be even more important than strengthening one or the other in isolation.

The Bell Rock vortex is said to be very strong for the masculine, feminine, AND balanced flows. If approached with respect and understanding, this can be a very powerful experience.

Besides these few major vortex energy sites, there are many other areas of increased energy flow around Sedona. For more information about Sedona’s Vortex Energy, check out the area’s Metaphysical Bookstores or consult a knowledgeable Vortex Site Guide or tour leader. However, you decide to approach the healing vortex energy of Sedona, remember to set your intention to receive the highest guidance possible and remain open and receptive to the messages and insights that come while visiting the area.


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