July 2014

Sedona Spiritual Teacher Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad

It was three years ago, this month, that I came to present a workshop at Unity of Sedona, as part of my annual tour to Sedona. It was at this time that I was first asked if I would be interested in serving here as the “Spiritual Leader.” And although, it was a huge unlikelihood (based on my pre-scheduled life), I have to say that I was taken by the sincerity behind the requests and by the excitement that was generated as soon as the word got out. It was clear that this was a Divinely Inspired idea. And since that time, so much has changed in my life and at Unity of Sedona.

Most of you have probably heard me say that all relationships can go through three stages… And although most people only make it to the second stage of relationship, I want to thank those of you who made it through to the third stage with us at Unity. Continue reading