August 2014

Sedona Spiritual Teacher Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad

It’s now the peak of Summer and, if we live in tune with nature and the Tao, we should all be seeing the fruits of our labors arising from the last several months of our internal and external planning and preparation.

If you see these manifested fruits, be sure to give thanks and be sure to share a portion of these fruits with others. If you do not see the manifestation of these fruits, you might ask yourself if you did, in fact, properly prepare your “inner and outer garden.” Did you consciously ask for Guidance to receive new Inspirations? If so, did you follow through and do all you could to help things along–including properly processing any obstacles that may have arisen along the way? Lastly, did you remember to give thanks for the fruits, knowing that they would bloom just as surely as the fruit on a tree will be seen in its proper season? Continue reading