January 2015

Sedona Spiritual Teacher Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad

What an amazing year–especially the last few months. There has been so much magic and beauty in all we are doing and experiencing. Those of you who’ve attended the last few services most likely know what I’m referring to.

There are many reasons for most of this goodness that flows into our lives at Unity of Sedona. Some reasons are because of the intentions we’ve created and committed to since I arrived at Unity of Sedona. Intentions are important to setting the course for where we expect to go with our lives (including relationships and businesses) in the future.

One helpful intention is to remain clear of all forms of “excess baggage.” This involves remaining clear of regrets, unhealed wounds, and unfulfilled dreams and goals. Another intention to remain clear is to not carry “secrets” to our grave, nor into our future and/or relationships. Continue reading