October 2015

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenWhat an incredible month we’ve just had and now, with only the first weekend of October having past, we’ve already done so much.

First of all, we had another incredible Sunday of services. Second, we supported the launch of the new and successful “God-Talks” program that will likely take the world by storm.

We also had a very special meeting of our members today wherein we discussed several ideas and developments, including the following:

*We asked that our members do their best to be involved at Unity and one way to do so is to volunteer occasionally at some of our events.

*Michael discussed why we allow and include ceremonies such as Native American or Druid or whatever else. We only allow such because we enjoy many playful, creative, and sincere facets of spirituality. We also only allow such when the facilitator is certain to make God, and our connection to God, the top priority of their ritual/ceremony. It was explained that we use this criteria for all events held at Unity and that we have released events and study groups that did not maintain this intention. Continue reading