December 2015

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM green[Note: This month’s message is similar to the one I shared in my own “Grail Productions” e-newsletter.]

Recently, an event at Unity of Sedona called “God Talks” was premiered to the world. This event is like the popular internet show “Ted Talks,” which features very brief talks by various people about pivotal moments in their life. The difference here is that “God Talks” focuses on sharing raw, personal experiences that turned into a “God Experience.”

As the keynote speaker in this event, I was asked to reference something from each of the speakers for the evening premier but then add an experience of my own. So, during my talk, I pointed out how each individual talk clearly had one common theme, which is that even though we might consciously or unconsciously set our course for God, or for a new life, we almost always end up having to first go through the process of purging out all the people, things, issues, etc. that stand between us and our goal. This purging process is referred to by mystics as the “dark night of the soul” (sometimes related to an astrological “Saturn Return”). I refer to this period as the “Soul’s Transformation Process.” Continue reading