January 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenThe Spiritual Center we call Unity of Sedona is NOT a building and grounds but, rather, is an entity.

It certainly spent most of its 45 year existence being merely a structure (a church and property), but in the past 5 years, all of us have birthed this center to a new level by giving it to God, as a gift. God then returned it to us, not as a building, but as a Being–a Being of Light. She is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, Shekina Presence of God. This Being holds in place, a Divine Vessel in which we teach, pray, sing, heal, and gather in oneness and love. And, like most entities, this entity has gone through initiations as a means of awakening its own sense of Christ Consciousness.

And, just as each of us must do as individuals, we consistently purge away layers of ego from our midst, in order to make more room for the Spirit of God–which is an ongoing process in life. This usually feels like work but the payoff is invaluable.

This payoff was seen, felt, and experienced at our New Year’s Eve service–wherein we packed extra chairs into the room but still ended up with a full house. As one attendee put it:

“As much as we are used to the energy at Unity of Sedona being as high as one could imagine, on New Year’s Eve, the love and light really shook everyone up–in a good way. We could all feel something wonderful in the air.”  Continue reading