March 2019

Hello Everyone!

I (We) pray all is going well for you.

Not everyone receiving this monthly newsletter lives in Sedona but if you do, then you’ll know how beautiful and exciting things have been here–given the two feet of beautiful snow that blanketed the area in just 48 hours. In fact, some of this snow can still be seen here and there–even though we’re now entering March.

Another exciting experience is that my latest book, The Dark Night of the Soul, is now officially released and went immediately to the #1 best seller position on Amazon. Also, I’ll be doing a 4-week online course this month on the topic of the Dark Night of the Soul, which can also be attended in person at Unity of Sedona.

Lastly, one of the most exciting things of all is that my idea from several years ago is finally being manifested–thanks to our website and social media team. We are now making available a growing list of professionals and services that you–or people you know–may need to know about for the Sedona area. Our list includes available rentals, realtors for purchasing homes, local psychics, counselors, healers, yoga facilitators, and so much more. Be sure to pass the word. We will soon print this directory in a booklet form for your convenience but you can, in the meantime, find this list on our website.

Love & Light,

Michael Mirdad Teacher

November 2018

Now it begins . . . my favorite season. It’s time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. But have you ever thought of those three Holy-Days (Holidays) as being a three-part goal in your life?
 Let’s try it right now. What are you most grateful for this year? Whatever it is, do your best to give thanks and demonstrate your appreciation. This will likely improve the gifts that come to you–symbolized as Christmas. This, then, opens the way for a new life–symbolized by New Years.
In other words, our three-part Holy-Days, are actually three parts of an ongoing practice we can all access and use to create a personal transformation at any time. All we have to do is practice recognizing and appreciating anything good in our lives. This then opens the way to receive new gifts–gifts that are meant to use or lose. Lastly, we reap the benefits of a new life–which can affect our health, finances, relationships, and more. So thank you, thank you for all you share with us here at Unity of Sedona.
Following such principles is how we (at Unity of Sedona) have manifested such an incredible spiritual center, and in such an incredible town. It’s also how we regularly manifest such a wonderful list of teachers and events, as well as manifesting Sedona’s only “John of God Healing Room”–with one of his blessed “Healing Beds.”
Please join us in any of ongoing events and/or our special workshops, or come to experience the powerful healing energies on our new crystal bed/table. You can also join us at our Sacred Sunday Service (at 10:00a.m.)–which is also presented on Facebook Live all around the world. And feel free to join us for our Thanksgiving Community Lunch.
Love & Light, 
Michael Mirdad

March 2018

Michael Mirdad, Our Spiritual Leader


It’s time once again for one of our monthly updates–which also features a list/ad of all of our events for the month–as well as our ongoing events.

The main thing we want to share with you this month is a simple review of how proud and excited we are for having so many blessings bestowed upon us. After hearing the feedback [posted below] from everyone at our annual meeting, we were reminded once again about the beauty, power, depth, and love that is felt in all that we do. I know it scares and triggers some people, but if they approach those reactions with love and responsibility, it is surely to take them to a new level of consciousness. If not, they will be given another opportunity at another place and time.

But for those of us who choose to grow in consciousness and responsible self-awareness . . . great things will continue to come our way. This year at Unity, we have already scheduled several amazing new events and projects and are activating a couple of new community teams. One of these teams, for example,  is our “Compassionate Care Team,” which consists of some of our Chaplains who are dedicated to tending to the needs of our members when they are ill or in crisis.

To learn more about some of our upcoming events and/or our projects and teams, feel free to ask our office staff OR our Board Members.

Love & Light,

Michael Mirdad 


~Jennifer: I love all of the learning and laughter.
~Lori: Unity is my family. I feel accepted for who I REALLY am–the Christ Light.
~Mary Lou: The healthy hugs and permission for affection.
~Gail: Camaraderie and the great vibe.
~Joy: I love the focus on God and Christ Consciousness every day.
~Jeff: The Community, and the teachings on Sundays as well as at workshops.
~Mary: Genuineness. You can feel it when you walk in. The teachings AND the applications of those teachings.
~Jonathan: I love the emphasis on God first, Self second, Others third.
~JaShua: Friendliness…and that we are taught to succeed and be better people.
~Serena: I love the music and dance and celebration.
~Judy: We all love our guest musicians.
~Glenn: Our Chaplain program is incredible. I love being a part of it.
~Linden: We are blessed and fortunate to have a teacher like Michael Mirdad. I also really enjoy our café on Sundays–which is where I met all my friends in Sedona.
~Donna: When you walk in, there’s a pulse, a heartbeat.
~Carla: The love here is palpable; in fact, a light-being came to me a week before I started attending.
Sandra: I always feel validated, not criticized. “It’s like you read my mail.”
~Gail: Michael and the Board Members have so much integrity
~Linda Mae: I love the depth. You just don’t find that everywhere else.
~Michael Mirdad: As much as I’ve been a gift to you, you all have been a gift to me. It’s quite a blessing and the perfect marriage. We, together, are making a difference and are being such a major influence of Christ Consciousness here in Sedona. 

May 2015

Michael Mirdad

Michael Mirdad

As the saying goes, “a funny thing happened to me on the way to the store” but this event is a great lesson for us all.

In a nutshell, I was driving through a parking lot and found myself behind a line of a few cars that appeared to be just sitting there–probably waiting for the first car to make up their mind about what they were doing. So, after a couple of minutes, I just drove around them to get to my destination. Well the last car in the line didn’t appreciate my move and decided to yell at me.

My first reply was to apologize and explain that I thought they were okay just sitting there like the rest of the cars. But instead of accepting my apology, they continued to complain and then recognized who I was and blurted out, “Oh…it’s you and you’re supposed to be sooooo spiritual.” Continue reading