July 2019

Unity of Sedona July Newsletter

Dear Friends:

As most of you probably know, Unity of Sedona attracts nearly 150 attendees each Sunday, plus several thousand watching our services online. Several dozen of those who attend in person are visiting Sedona and choose our Sacred Service as a primary place of spiritual growth. And the feedback they share with us is always quite awe-inspiring. 

One of those individuals from this week shared that she had regularly attended Unity of Sedona over 20 years ago and that she could not believe the difference between then and now–in terms of beauty and numbers. We all know our grounds and landscape are completely transformed. But this person couldn’t believe that what she remembers being “only 40 attendees is now 150–completely filling the room (even during the quiet summer season). What a wonderful testimonial and reflection she was sharing.

This should be of no surprise to anyone who has ever attended a service. The love and depth of consciousness is clearly palpable. And the commitment we have to raising consciousness brings numerous rewards to us at Unity. However, part of this incredible “vibe” comes not from the external work we’ve done, as much as from the fact that we teach and practice how to integrate this “vibe” into our being–internally. This magnifies the vibration and consciousness of our sacred space, but it also allows us to then take it with us into our homes, workplaces, and relationships. So, beyond the beauty that we see and feel in our Sunday services, our attendees are taught to “soak it in” and apply it in their day-to-day lives. In other words, we encourage others to learnintegrate, and become.

Allowing our beautiful external experiences to become internal states of consciousness, is how we can best make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. One is DOING, while the other is BEING. One comes from the head; the other from the heart. So yes, keep attending and passing the word about our incredible work; in other words, “tell a friend!” But more importantly, “be a friend” by manifesting the Presence of God as often as possible, in every way possible, and to as many people as possible.

The word June has various origins but Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage and fertility. The Romans saw Juno as the wife to Jupitar, which the earlier Greeks related as Hera and Zeus. And June, which is connected to Yune or Yuno is where we get the word youth.

To the Jews, June commemorates the time when they received the Torah from Moses. In other words, June is a time of youth, renewal, celebration, hope, and new beginnings.

However, Juno (Hera) was also known to have a downside—a tendency towards jealousy. So it behooves us to indeed celebrate this month, but also to keep an eye on any temptation to feel envious about the accomplishments and good fortune of others. So keep in mind that since we are all ONE, the good fortune of others is the good fortune of ourselves—manifesting in others only because we haven’t yet accepted it in ourselves. If we resent this, it pushes our good fortune away even further. If we give thanks for the good fortune of others, it attracts it all the more closely to ourselves.

So let’s all commit to celebrating our good fortune of being created in the healthy, loving, prosperous Image of God! And if any dark clouds get in the way, let’s remind ourselves that they are merely accumulations of rain (tears). So let’s let them fall in order to make more fertile the garden of our life.    

Love & Light,

Michael Mirdad Teacher
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