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Please support Unity of Sedona!

Unity of Sedona is pleased to provide many ways for people to be a part of the continual development of our Spiritual Center. Our Center, and all of our projects, are built and maintained with a spirit of collaboration, which is why we sometimes request (and always appreciate) the support of our attendees.

We have identified several ongoing programs where monthly donations would be most welcome. If you are interested in participating in any of these sponsorships, please download the Sponsorship Program Agreement, fill it out, and email it or bring it to the office with our sincere gratitude.

Sacred Beads: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
This sponsorship supports the purchase of the Sacred Beads that we gift our first time attendees on Sunday. These beads are hand-made by a local Navajo family, and are imbued with their blessings, and ours: “We love you, we bless you and we behold the Christ light shining through you…Namaste.” Contribution in this area extends our love to all our newcomers!

Hospitality: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
This sponsorship supports our office supplies, as well as the creating, printing, and copying of bulletins, calendars, event flyers, and all other promotional materials. It also assists us in purchasing fresh flowers, candles, cards, and tissues–helping us to serve our community.

Special Events: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
This sponsorship supports the purchase of supplies for our special events, parties, festivals, and gatherings. This pays for costume accessories, refreshments, flowers, and more. This sponsorship also helps us to express joy and appreciation to our community without charging an admission.

Special Guests: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
This sponsorship supports the expenses of having more Guest Musicians, Speakers, and other Special Guests at Unity of Sedona. Support in this area allows us to support the arts and welcome guests into our community with open arms and show our gratitude for their time and talents.

Sunshine Café: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
This sponsorship allows us to provide food and beverages for our community eachSunday. Sunshine Café is a meeting place for all of us to gather, “break bread,” and share our divine experiences. Support in this area gives us the nourishment we all desire.

Landscape: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
The beauty of Unity’s grounds is reliant on the generosity of funds and labor donated, from our new grass area to the labyrinth and from the picnic tables to the flowers that add such beauty to our grounds, and our extensive water-saving landscape features completed with the help of the Oak Creek Watershed Council.

Renovations: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
Supporting this category is much needed, as it supports the visual upgrades on our buildings, as well as keeping the buildings in good working order with termite control, plumbing repairs, flooring improvements, and more. This category also is used for us to provide assistance to others who come to us in need.

Children’s Program: Sponsorship Value: $50-$500 per month
Unity’s guiding principles of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance extend to the youth of our community through our Children’s Program. This sponsorship supports the wonderful teachers and service providers who create a joyful, Christ-centered experience for our children on Sundays.

Staff & Volunteer Appreciation: Sponsorship Value: $50-500 per month
Due to popular demand we created a Sponsorship Program to help support our Staff and Volunteers. This Sponsorship provides gifts and fills the various needs of those who are the most helpful and supportive at Unity of Sedona.


If you are inspired to participate in one of the above programs, visit our Donation page to submit your contribution.

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