Testimonials for Special Events

Testimonials for Special Events

Unity of Sedona’s Solstice events are always, do not miss events! What can I say that would give higher praise than, it was a profound spiritual gift to us who attended and to the whole world for the palpable vibration of the Love and extension of healing to all people, places, and situations in reflection of the magnifying Light of Creation. It was a validation that we hold the keys to the heart’s minds for right-thinking, and when we take the time and make the effort to come together, miracles happen. As each of us contributed our wonder-filled part of being present, we helped to create the whole experience in expansive Joy and Gratitude to be alive and celebrating in Sedona, Arizona.


Hi Everyone! Wanted to express my appreciation of last Sunday’s deep and beautiful Father’s Day experience. Seems like everyone in attendance (myself included), whatever their past experiences may have been, allowed themselves to drop into a much more vulnerable space within themselves. The truth is that the Unity environment that Michael (an incredible spiritual leader) and company have created is evolving so beautifully that folks are feeling more comfortable in realizing their true nature and having fun. Michael’s gentleness and sensitivity while doing a “talk” does not go unnoticed. BUT great one liners always abound. And I loved last week when he shared some family experiences as a father. I was really touched by that. It reminded me of fond memories I have with my dad. Just so sweet. Everyone, especially the chaplains that gave of themselves during that tender Father’s Day ceremony, are very much appreciated for holding a clear presence for all of us. And a special thanks to the office and kitchen crew for holding down the fort.


I loved the wonderful messages of love, forgiveness, and release Michael shared at the special Holiday Father’s Day services. To see him interact with the children who attended was a precious gift to all who were there and witnessed. When he spoke to them, cared about their comfort, and offered them a coloring book, he was the Father we all needed and need in our lives–especially me. Then when he did a spontaneous reading for the expectant woman’s baby, he clearly told them things (including the gender of the baby) that they felt were accurate and words they needed to hear. That moment and that family’s presence brought us all back to the beginning of life and all the wonders it can hold. Michael’s presence, words, wisdom, and love for each and every one of us is beyond measure.


I’ve been attending Sedona Unity for about 7 weeks now, ever since I’ve moved back to the red rocks. Something that happens every week for me is that the message that Michael shares seems to be exactly what is going on within my own life, to the point that often I’ve been having personal meditations on these topics just days and hours before the service. There is a refined resonance within my own soul, as a spiritual teacher/healer I sense the profound truth and mysticism present in the congregation that allows experiences like I just shared. Mysticism is alive and flourishing in the hearts of these people!


On May 11, my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Unity of Sedona to renew our wedding vows for our 20th anniversary. We scheduled our ceremony online through email and had faith that this was going to be the right place. We live in Austin Texas and had never been to the city of Sedona before. Linda Costello was the officiant of our ceremony and put together the most perfect ceremony from the words to the music to the atmosphere. We fell in love with Unity of Sedona and feel so blessed to have had Linda help us with this special event. The way she put together the ceremony was as if she knew us and could see our hearts. We enjoyed every moment and loved seeing how special this church is and all of the love that the congregation has put into the property to make it so special and sacred. We are truly grateful for everything Linda and Unity of Sedona did for us and will remember it always. 

May 2016 –Dominique and Greg 

Our baptism ceremony was such a moving experience, I could indeed see the face of Christ in each one, to look into their eyes and see the Love, feel the Eternal Light of God. I loved seeing the hope in each person and holding the belief that each one will step up to the intention to be spiritually renewed and committed to being en-lightened by the Christ Consciousness present in our sanctuary last night. It was a trip back into the pages of those initiations of my “lives” for me. There were moments when I was lost in the ecstasy of that Eternal Love, to be ministering and being ministered to…Thank you Holy Spirit of All That Is. that we may know this and feel this together…

October 15, 2014
 – S

What a gorgeous and empowering ceremony! Every detail was perfect. Thank you Michael for the spiritual infusion I know we all felt. It was a joy to hold space for all those before me, and a privilege to assist at the end, as well. Personally, I felt a profound inner shift during both the baptism and name change. And the shift continues! For me, one of the most touching moments was watching you anoint others. Energetically it REALLY felt like the Father anointing his children. I have that memory forever etched in my heart. Divine wisdom and love infusing the innocence of a child. Precious and powerful.

October 15, 2014
– IW

Last night was truly awesome. As I was sitting there after passing through the anointing of the five-elements, I experienced a strong, pulsing, pressure in my 3ed eye area, almost uncomfortable. Then I felt a burning sensation return to the palms of my hands that I haven’t felt for a while. This sensation returned this morning during prayer, too. In fact I’ve had to turn my hands over to close the energy because it becomes so intense.

October 15, 2014
– D


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