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Is this your first visit to our website? On this page, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about our spiritual community.

Fountain at Unity of Sedona

Fountain at Unity of Sedona

When are your Sunday services?
Our service begins at 10:00 a.m. Service times may vary when major holidays fall on a Sunday. For example we will often have a daytime service and a candlelight service at 6:00pm on Christmas Eve.

How long are your services?
Our services usually last around 90 minutes.

How big is your congregation?
We have approximately 150 official members.
We have approximately 250 people attend our Sunday services.

What happens at a Sunday service?
Our Sunday services begin with attendees meeting each other and then a sharing of announcements, followed by the welcoming of any guests and then our opening song. Then, our Spiritual Leader (or guest speaker) does the opening prayer, which is followed by the sacred reading of the day and our special music of the day. Afterward, the message of the day is shared, followed by a meditation. Lastly, we receive our donations and close with a song and prayer. Attendees are then welcome to receive prayer or hands-on healing from our chaplains or they might join us for conversation on our café patio or they might choose to walk our labyrinth or enjoy any other part of our sacred grounds. Whatever the case, our attendees are usually amazed at the depth of love, healing, and learning they can experience at Unity of Sedona.

As a first-time visitor, what can I expect?
We welcome all of our first time visitors during the Announcement portion of our service by asking them to stand to receive a gift (Navajo beaded necklace) and a prayer blessing.

What do I wear?
Most of our attendees dress comfortably and presentably. Whether you choose casual or Sunday best, we welcome the style that makes you feel comfortable.

I have children. May I bring them?
Yes. We have a  special corner near the main entrance of the Sanctuary reserved for families with children, and we encourage their participation to the limit of their attention span.

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