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AA 11th Step Group

Meeting Room 100 Northview Road, Sedona

Step 11 is “Commit to a Spiritual Practice”. This step helps to create a solid foundation for a peaceful and fulfilled life and to develop a more positive way of thinking, which will better serve you moving forward. A daily spiritual practice can help to promote emotional balance and stability. In this group, there will…

OA Big Book Solution Group

Meeting Room 100 Northview Road, Sedona

VIRTUAL ONLY until further notice.   Compulsive eating is an illness, but there is a solution. We are the chronic variety of compulsive eater and have recovered by working the 12 steps as outlined in 1939 in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous adapted for compulsive eating. We found freedom, joy, and a new way…

The Way of Mastery Group

Meeting Room 100 Northview Road, Sedona

This class gives you tools to help you trust in the Voice of God, and will ultimately benefit us all as we bring love and light to the world, and awaken through the Atonement. Cost: Suggested Love Offering $5

Depressed Anonymous (DA)

Meeting Room 100 Northview Road, Sedona

Are you depressed? Do you know someone who is? Depressed anonymous is an international organization of support groups applying the 12 steps to dealing with depression. There are no dues or fees. The only requirement is a desire to stop sending yourself. There are no professional leaders. Each member shares their experience recovering from depression.…