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Join us this Sunday at Unity of Sedona, in-person or live on Facebook at 10 am (PST), for an inspiring message by Spiritual Leader and world-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and best-selling author Michael Mirdad.

Recognized as a teacher's teacher and a healer's healer, he consistently inspires attendees with incredibly deep, yet practical messages—shared spontaneously from Spirit.

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On demand videos, over 400 of them!

Michael Mirdad is the Spiritual Leader at Unity of Sedona and he has given hundreds of lectures and talks. Over 400 titles are available to watch for free on his Youtube channel. Some topics include…

Sunday Inspirational Talks (around 1 hour)
Each Sunday, Michael Mirdad gives a highly inspirational talk at each of two services. No two are ever the same.

Friday Night Spiritual Insights (around 20 min)
On Friday evenings, Michael Mirdad shares spontaneous, Spirit-Guided insights relevant to life and the challenges on the spiritual path.

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We continue the free EdenShire Live on Zoom program with a new schedule Monday-Thursday, 11:00 am to 1:30 pm PST. If you'd like to join us on EdenShire Zoom and be apart of the lectures, yoga, Reiki, music, poetry, open discussion, and so much more, join us by signing up below to receive our weekly newsletter. You will then receive our weekly newsletter which will contain information on how to join us on ZOOM and the weekly schedules.

Online Streaming and DVD's for Purchase

Available for purchase, inspiring video collections of lectures by Michael Mirdad on various aspects of Spirituality.

"Michael's videos touch my soul on all levels. He speaks the exact words I need to hear at the time I need to hear them. Each talk blows me away! His energy transforms people. Now with his video library, I'm so thrilled the world gets to experience the love that comes through him. I'm so grateful for the wisdom he so eloquently shares. It is life altering, divine goodness."
- K, AZ

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