Welcome to Unity of Sedona!

Unity of Sedona is a New Age spiritual center, New Thought church, and energy vortex featuring sacred services, workshops, a labyrinth, psychics, concerts, spiritual gatherings, and a metaphysical bookstore and gift shop. Located amidst the panoramic views of our majestic, world-famous Red Rocks, Sedona is not only one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but is also unofficially known as the New Age capital of the world. In this Mecca of spiritual awareness and personal evolution, Unity of Sedona sits nestled on well-tended grounds, welcoming all who find their way to our door. We invite you to attend Sunday Services.

Our Spiritual Leader

Michael Mirdad, the spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona, is a gifted spiritual teacher and is respected as one of the finest and most diverse healers of our time. Read more

Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad

Happy Holidays to you all! 
This is my favorite time of the year and includes my favorite Holiday–Christmas. And it’s no wonder . . . Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus and the potential birth of the Christ within us all. And since Christ Consciousness is the highest level of Consciousness we can attain, Christmas should indeed be celebrated.  
Also, the symbols of Christmas include the image of presents beneath the Christmas tree and these gifts mean far more than coats and toys. They represent the Divine Presence of God as the foundation of our lives.
This past year at Unity of Sedona has been our best ever. The teachings rose to a new level; our groups, classes, and committees were better than ever; and this was our most prosperous year yet. All thanks to you. You have given us your many gifts and we have given you ours. Now, in the year to come, we will watch it all grow to an even higher level. So please join us whenever you can–live (in person) or via facebook live (viewed from anywhere in the world).
In the meantime, may the Christ that was born in Jesus be born in you as well. 

Love & Light, 


Highlights of Recent Events

Our Sedona Summer Solstice Event  was a moving experience. Photos below show our dedicated volunteers at the registration table, some of our conscious vendors and practitioners, and the Dances of Universal Peace led by Halim Dunsky. A wonderful time was had by all. 

Photo credit Joy Nanda.

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