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Unity of Sedona is a New Age spiritual center, New Thought church, and energy vortex featuring sacred services, workshops, a labyrinth, psychics, concerts, spiritual gatherings, and a metaphysical bookstore and gift shop. Located amidst the panoramic views of our majestic, world-famous Red Rocks, Sedona is not only one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but is also unofficially known as the New Age capital of the world. In this Mecca of spiritual awareness and personal evolution, Unity of Sedona sits nestled on well-tended grounds, welcoming all who find their way to our door. We invite you to attend Sunday Services  or these upcoming special events:

Our Spiritual Leader

Michael Mirdad, the spiritual leader at Unity of Sedona, is a gifted spiritual teacher and is respected as one of the finest and most diverse healers of our time. Read more

Monthly Message from Michael Mirdad


Greetings Everyone!

I pray springtime has been kind to you. It’s such a wonderful and symbolically positive time for us all. We can see farmer’s markets on the side of the road, Springtime festivals here and there, and of course it’s a time for us to begin living out our plans and dreams. If this is not what’s happening for you, you might want to ask yourself if you may have missed a chance to do your personal gardening to prepare for a new season and a new life. Our personal gardening is made up of healing of the past AND planting seeds for a better future. You may have missed one or the other or both. Nevertheless, it’s not too late to begin your inner gardening process.

At Unity of Sedona, we continually do our best to stay in the proper flow of the seasons–planting in the proper time and reaping a new harvest in the proper time. And this Spring is no exception. We have a wonderful schedule of courses and events, as well as having begun plans to hold the world’s first global internet conference featuring the most renowned speakers/teachers of our time. We’ll keep you posted on the developments.

Also, we have finally put together our long-awaited “Resource Directory” wherein people can go to our website and find various healers, tour guides, realtors, and even AirBnB’s (for lodging when you are in the area) that are affiliated with Unity of Sedona. In other words, it’s a place of one-stop shopping for the very best in all things.

So be sure to join us in any of our upcoming events, and be sure to use our directory whenever you may need. And be sure to pass the word to others to use it. It’s a great way to network among other Lightworkers.

Love & Light,

Michael Mirdad Teacher

Highlights of Recent Events

Highlights of the 2018 Winter Solstice Festival. 

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