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Clare Duggan

(719) 221-1333

Clare has been providing excellent skin care for over 10 years. She worked out of one of Marin County, California’s top spas for nearly five years, where she honed her skills as a facialist and developed an extensive knowledge of skin care products. She became fascinated by the use of microcurrent as a self-healing catalyst for the body in 1991, and continues to use it as a highly effective anti-aging facial modality.  Clare is a warm and intuitive esthetician who enjoys connecting and growing genuine relationships with her clients and helping them to maximize their potential for beautiful, radiant, youthful skin.

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Lori Stephenson – Dream Weaver

Lori Stephenson

Dream Weaver Sessions
(260) 224-3245

Lori Ann is a Spiritual Elder and Dream Weaver of the Ojibwe Tribe from White Earth MN. Trained in the wisdom of the grandmothers Lori Ann guides clients using the ancient tools of dream-catching. She empathically taps into your emotional being-ness and helps you to release blockages to manifesting your happiest dreams. Lori Ann is certified from the School of Metaphysics in Camp Chesterfield, IN. She is a White Star Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader, Crystal Seer, and Unity of Sedona Chaplain.

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Kate Eckley

Kate Eckley

Everyday Metaphysics™
(510) 910-4514

Kate helps seekers get off the long, painful road of living an inauthentic life by learning to see beyond their old stories, beliefs and patterns. Using simple metaphysical and spiritual tools, Kate’s clients can truly change and co-create new lives. Kate is a Foundation for Christ Consciousness minister, Unity of Sedona chaplain, certified intuitive (psychic) reader/healer, Fifth Tarot reader, energy healer, meditation teacher, and Reiki Master/Teacher.

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Spiritual Things to Do in Sedona

With its breathtaking view of red rocks and contrasting evergreens, Sedona Arizona is known as being one of the most beautiful places on the planet. But Sedona is also known as being the largest “New Age” community (per capita) in the world. As some people put it, Sedona is the New Age Mecca of planet earth. Many people interested in higher forms of spiritual understanding and honoring all religions, traditions, and thought-systems choose to visit or move to Sedona. This pilgrimage is often encouraged by the countless number of miraculous testimonies from groups and individuals who share stories of receiving powerful visions, spontaneous insights, and even physical healing from spending time doing one or more of the many spiritual activities available in the area. The following is a partial list of just some of the spiritual thing to do in Sedona.


Sedona features a large selection of practitioners who focus on holistic healing. These range from naturopathic physicians and acupuncturists to massage therapists and craniosacral practitioners and from herbalists to those specializing in energy work. Many residents and visitors to Sedona have found that choosing one of the local healers has forever changed their life.


Sedona offers some of the world’s most breath-taking hikes for beginner or advanced hikers. Rather than only offering physical beauty, however, Sedona is unique in that some of the hikes lead the explorer into some of Sedona’s renowned energy vortexes, and a sample of the internal beauty of the region.


With the popularity of the DaVinci Code, labyrinths are becoming more popular by the day. Labyrinths are known to assist a person in finding a greater sense of calmness and peace, but also tend to shift one’s mind into a state of receptivity, wherein one can receive insights or solutions to problems or perhaps new inspirations in regard to one’s life direction.

Metaphysical Book & Gift Stores:

Sedona has a few of the oldest and most respected New Age (spiritual) book and gift stores in the country. Some have been in Sedona for 30-40 years. These stores feature books on every subject of spirituality and self help, gifts and tools for spiritual growth—including crystals, statuary, art, and Native American flutes, drums, and more.

Metaphysical Centers & Churches:

There are several spiritual centers and churches in Sedona that focus on developing higher consciousness. There are also yoga and meditation centers, and centers that focus exclusively on featuring special events for audiences ranging from 50-500. These centers have featured some of the world’s leading teachers, authors, and conferences on spiritual and self-help.

Native American Sacred Sites:

There are numerous sacred sites of the Native Americans throughout the region. These sites are ruins of the Navajo, Apache, Hopi, and even the ancient and mysterious Anasazi—a tribe that is said to have vanished from history, but that the Hopi say were taken away by star people and brought to other planets.


Given the heightened energy in Sedona, it stands to reason that Sedona features some of the world’s most gifted psychics. The psychics in Sedona range from clairvoyants and aura readers to tarot readers and astrologers. When living in or visiting Sedona, it’s not uncommon to see some form of psychic reader on a regular basis, whether for life-changing guidance or for a psychic “check-up.”

Retreats & Spas:

Visitors have their choice of retreat accommodations, ranging from the rustic and down to spa-like luxury. Several of the major hotels in town have extensive spa facilities association with them, and smaller, independent practitioners and day spas offer a huge variety of specialized treatments and services.

Solstice Festivals:

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people around the planet celebrate the Summer and Winter Solstices. The people in Sedona are no exception. Each of these solstices are celebrated each year at Unity of Sedona who features only the finest speakers, musicians, and vendors for these one-day events. The Sedona Summer & Winter Festivals include fun, depth, laughter, and spiritual alignment.

Sound Healers:

Sound healing is one of the fastest growing forms of healing around. Sound healing can vary in forms or style, but often includes the use of various instruments and vocal toning to create a sound chamber that can alter the frequency of the client. Sound healing often includes the use of crystal bowls, flutes, drums, tuning forks, and human voice.


Vortexes can best be described as funnels of energy. People familiar with yoga or metaphysical subjects usually equate vortexes with chakras (energy centers on the human body). The earth is said to have numerous major and minor chakras/vortexes such as in Glastonbury England and Machu Pichu, Peru. But nowhere on the planet do we find as large a concentration of several vortexes in one place as Sedona.

Yoga Centers:

Virtually every style of yoga is available in Sedona, including Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Yin, Ashtanga, Flow, Restorative, therapeutic, and more. Combining a hike out on to the Red Rocks and a yoga session can also be arranged.

Buyer Beware:

Even though Sedona is filled with some of the nation’s best healers, psychics, spiritual teachers, and so forth…Sedona also has attracted some less than exceptional characters. If searching for any sort of quality person or experience, it’s always best to go by referrals. So be-aware of what you are looking for and never settle for anything less than the highest quality, integrity, and authenticity.

April 2017

Dear Friends:

We’re already through the first quarter of the year and are now prepared for what the next quarter will offer. As I shared in a recent meeting/service, all of our committees at Unity are working incredibly well and sharing more love and collaboration than ever before. Our Board Members have been in their Board positions for a longer period than any others at Unity of Sedona and, over the past several years, we have been the Sponsors of the largest spiritual events in Sedona’s history. And we are just getting started. Within months you will see some of the incredible surprises we have in store.

For the time being, just look at the talent and events coming to Unity of Sedona this month. This is one of the reasons why we are the premiere center of spirituality here in Sedona. But the main reason is that people all over the world are now taking greater notice of who we are because we consistently teach and practice making God the first priority in our lives–followed by making it a priority to awaken the Inner Christ. This intention means having to purge away all people and issues in our lives that are not congruent with that goal, but such purging always pays off. It will pay off in your life, just as it has for us at Unity. It’s just a matter of keeping our priorities straight, staying the course, and being as loving and patient as possible.

If you haven’t been to Unity of Sedona in a while, you really should come by and check it out. The people, the grounds, and the vibrations are the highest in the area. And if you don’t live in the area, just check us out on Facebook Live. We started streaming our sacred services a few months ago and have already reached hundreds of thousands of people–with our mailing list growing by hundreds every month. We are so grateful to anyone who is playing a part in the growth of our consciousness and success.

Love & Light,


M & M – Mario & Mary Lou

Mario Mary Lou

M&M’s Bliss Core Alignment
(928) 362-2205

With over 40 years experience as spiritual Teachers and Healers, Mario and Mary Lou founded the very unique Sound Healing therapy Bliss Core Alignment. They offer Sacred Sound Celebrations and other forms of group transformation, Personal Sessions, Counsel and Readings, and also Angelic Shamanic Blessing Ceremonies for Weddings and other Events. M&M combine Ancient Wisdom with Quantum Field knowledge, opening the accelerating gates of frequency, sound and vibration…guided journeys into your inner worlds on the waves of healing sounds.

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Jonathan Ellis

Soul Readings—Inspired messages from your Soul
(928) 637-5888

During a Soul Reading, Jonathan acts as a Soulscribe, writing inspired messages from your Soul to you. These messages are written in eight-line poetic stanzas that convey subtle messages from your Soul and speak directly to you. With each subsequent reading, they transform what may at first appear to be simple poem into a deep multi-dimensional message. Your Soul is there as a perfect best friend, loving, supportive and always encouraging you to be your best.

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Ahna Bridenbaugh

Unity of Sedona Chaplain Ahna Bridenbauth L.Ac.

(928) 282-2520

For 14 years, Ahna Bridenbaugh, L.Ac., has offered her expertise as a master acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist that has helped thousands of her patients resolve their health issues and achieve what she calls “Well Above Wellness”.  If you want to know how acupuncture will work for you – no matter what your symptoms are – please call or e-mail her for a free consultation. Perfection of Your Health Is the Point. 

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Rev. Sheryl Sophia Dahman

Celebrations of the Heart
(303) 570-1671

Sophia’s Sedona Wedding Ministry offers customized interfaith weddings for all couples including GLBT. She has been a Wedding Officiant for over 25 years, and is a member of “Show Stoppers,” Sedona’s preferred officiants. She also offers soul-level healing to use the power of prayer and tracking to Heal and Art from the Soul. Her art brings beauty to your home and elevates the soul!

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