“I believe it is important for all of you to be aware of the impact made by your chaplains on a first time visitor. I came to Unity of Sedona last September with the hope of finding spiritual clarity and guidance. I was experiencing what Michael describes as the dark night of the soul, and I was in a lot of emotional pain. After the service, I sat in the back of the church waiting for a friend. A chaplain approached me and asked if I would like to speak with her. I said I was fine. She reached out, touched my arm and asked, “Are you sure?” For a reason I can only explain as Spirit pushing me, I burst into unexpected tears. She drew closer and put her arm around me. As my tears turned into sobs, another chaplain approached from behind and wrapped her arms around me. A few minutes later, another chaplain approached, sat on my other side and drew me close. I honestly have no idea how long we were there but when my sobs lessened and finally ceased, the chaplains were still by my side soothing me. As I regained my composure, they departed, and I felt lifted from a pit I did not consciously realize I was in. Three months later, despite my beliefs that it was impossible, I find myself back in Sedona for at least 6 months to surround myself with the energy and love of your community. Being inspired by Michael is a given, but without the outpouring of love and compassion from your chaplains I doubt if I would have made this life-changing decision. I have never been so touched by such an intense expression of love and I am eternally grateful to your chaplains and their level of spirituality. I know that I am now on the path to fulfill my soul’s purpose on earth.” – D