February 2016

Michael Mirdad, Unity of Sedona

MM greenIn one of our most recent Sunday services, our message focused (in part) on the need for people to deepen their understanding of EVERYTHING. It’s true! We have to evolve beyond being so shallow and weak. We are divine beings and have forgotten our Divine Origins in God, which led to our having a tendency towards low self worth and a lack of courage in our ability to pass our various tests in life. And you can bet that without learning to see the greater depths of all things, there will be little chance of returning to our True Nature.

For example, when things happen in our lives, a typical human being sees it only at face value and fails to realize that we should actually do the following: 1) See the event as somehow reflecting a greater lesson or message to us. 2) Look for the deeper message or synchronicity behind the event.  Continue reading